Giveaway #3 – “The Bounty Hunter” Prize Package [ENDED]

This week the Mikes want to know: What is your favorite romantic comedy…and why?

Three random entrants will receive a “The Bounty Hunter” prize package including a T-shirt and a pair of “The Bounty Hunter” approved handcuffs!

A very big thank you to Columbia Pictures for providing this week’s prizes.


  1. Marty Kircher says:

    My favorite romantic comedy is ARTHUR with Dudley Moore and Liza Minelli. The big turn off in modern day rom coms is that fast fake “Chicky Chatter” between 2 or more female characters. Usually it’s about period frequency or preferred dildo length. Ewwwwwwwww…………

    Now send me my hand dammit!

  2. An excellent choice, Marty. “Don’t you hate Perry’s wife?”

    I actually saw this film after flying home to attend my grandfather’s funeral. He and I were very close, like Arthur and Hobson, and it really made me feel closer to him. I understand they are trying to remake this with Russel Brand…why? It’s not going to get any better.

  3. Adam Lawton says:

    Im going to have to go with a newer release even though Arthur was a great pick. Im going to go with Zack and Miri Make a Porno. The use of Pittsburgh as the back drop was a great change from the normal NYC or LA locations we get sick of seeing all the time. Plus the use of classic references such as the Monroeville Zombies (and mall) plus a quick cameo by the great Tom Savini you cant go wrong. Of course you have the classic one liners and some nudity here and there and its a movie every couple can watch together and hey if you ever need extra money it pretty much lays out a great buisness plan for you step by step. LOL (I got this $#!t Covered!)

  4. Jonathan Lawton says:

    I can’t disagree to with either selection of Arthur and Zack and Miri, but I have to go with Good Luck Chuck. This movie dives into curses and urban legends. I like this movie for the fact that it shows how things can get blown out of proportion, and how far people go when they see something on the internet. Plus this movie shows how crazy guys can get when they worry about losing the one that they love.

  5. Thanks for the entries, gentlemen. I’m ashamed to say that as much of a fan of Kevin Smith that I am I did not see “Zack and Miri.” One of those hellish times of my life where there was NO free time. I need to pick it up on DVD and give it a look. I purposely stayed away from “Good Luck Chuck” because of the presence of Dane Cook. However after your note, Jonathan, I will give it a chance.


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