CD Review “GWAR: Bloody Pit of Horror”

Written by: GWAR
Produced by: Cory Smoot
Label: Metal Blade Records
Parental Advisory
Run time: 37:02

Our Score: 4 out of 5

“Bloody Pit of Horror” is the 12th studio album by the Virginia based Horror-Rock group Gwar. “Bloody Pit of Horror” is the follow up release to the bands 2009 album “Lust in Space” and features 11 new tracks which are destined to be instant classics from the U.S. to Antarctica!

“Bloody Pit of Horror” clocks in at just over 37 minutes and is full on in your face GWAR from start to finish. The album was produced and engineered by Gwar’s own Cory Smoot and opens up with the 4 piece epic title track which features the impressive eight string guitar work of Cory “Flattus” Smoot and Michael “Balzac” Derks. The album also has several other high points such as “Beat You to Death” sung by Casey “Beefcake” Orr and “Tick-Ticks” which proves to be another notch in the lyrical belt of front man Dave “Oderus” Brockie. Throw in the spot on drumming of Brad “Jizmac” Roberts and “Bloody Pit of Horror” is a must have for any metal fan.

Full track listing:
1. The Bloody Pit Of Horror, Pt. 1: Zombies, March!
2. The Bloody Pit Of Horror, Pt. 2: Come The Carnivore
3. The Bloody Pit Of Horror, Pt. 3: A Gathering of Ghouls
4. The Bloody Pit Of Horror, Pt. 4: Storm Is Coming
5. Tick-Tits
6. Beat You To Death
7. You are My Meat
8. Hail, Genocide!
9. KZ Necromancer
10. The Litany of the Slain
11. Sick and Twisted

Though nothing compares to the live GWAR experience “Bloody Pit of Horror” will not disappoint. Even if you are not a member of the Scum Dog Army “Bloody Pit of Horror” is worth picking up!

Pick up the standard edition of “Bloody Pit of Horror” here or Deluxe Edition here

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