Bruce Campbell Confirms New “Evil Dead” Is Real

Yesterday brought major news for horror fans that there is a new “Evil Dead” movie in that works according to Bloody Disgusting. They also have revealed that Federico Alvarez will be directing the film. He made the robot invasion short “Panic Attack!”.

“The Evil Dead” is film that launched the careers of both Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell, amongst many others. In the series, there is the superior sequel, “Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn” and my favorite “Army of Darkness” and together they make up on of the best franchises in horror history. Bruce Campbell has reached major fan boy status from these films and will always been known as Ashley J. Williams aka Ash. It is hard to believe but it is almost 20 years since Ash last fought The Evil Dead.

Dread Central reported last night that the film is gearing up for production in Detroit, and editor Bob Murawski, who worked with Sam Raimi on all three “Spider-Man” films and “Drag Me to Hell”, is gearing up to start working on the project. Bruce Campbell recently joined Twitter and left one of the best comments to a fan confirming this rumor “Believe in the remake, dawg! The project is real. In the works. Cool as hell. Scary as hell.”

So this finally might be it “Evil Dead” fans, according to Dread Central it is not going to be another shitty remake and they are calling it “a small indie thing like the first two.” Not sure of Bruce’s involvement though or if he will be picking up that chainsaw again. But what is “Evil Dead” without Bruce Campbell? Since Sam Raimi is not directing, not sure about his involvement especially since “Oz: The Great and Powerful” starts in a few weeks. Hopefully we will get more information at/or by Comic-Con. Just keep your fingers crossed this actually goes to fruition finally.


  1. A couple of months ago I read an interview Bruce did and if i remember correct he said he would have a cameo in the movie but would not play the lead. Breaks my heart, I love me some Bruce!

  2. If he’s not the lead, I’m not interested.

    Bruce Campbell IS the franchise.

  3. wow dont know if it would b ne good w/o Bruce! Will def give it a try but honestly Bruce Campbell u def r the series!!! I dont think neone will b able 2 carry ur lines the same way :(