Exclusive Prize Pack Giveaway for “Silent Hill: Revelation 3D” [ENDED]


To celebrate the release of “Silent Hill: Revelation 3D”, in theaters October 26th, Media Mikes will like to giveaway some fantastic prizes for the film (see below for details). If you would like to win one of these great prizes, please leave us a comment below or send us an email and let us know your favorite character from the Silent Hill series. This giveaway will be open until November 2nd at Noon, Eastern Time, open to readers in the United States. Only one entry per person, per household; all other entries will be considered invalid. Once the giveaway ends, Media Mikes will randomly pick out winners and alert the winners via email.

(2) Silent Hill t-shirts:(1) with Robbie the Rabbit and (1) of the Nurse
(1) Movie poster signed by these cast members:
* Adelaide Clemens
* Kit Harington
* Michael J. Bassett
* Samuel Hadida
(1) Silent Hill: Book of Memories video game for PS Vista

SYNOPSIS: Heather Mason (Adelaide Clemens) and her father (Sean Bean) have been on the run, always one step ahead of dangerous forces that she doesn’t fully understand. Now on the eve of her 18th birthday, plagued by horrific nightmares and the disappearance of her father, Heather discovers she’s not who she thinks she is. The revelation leads her deeper into a demonic world that threatens to trap her forever.

Starring SEAN BEAN (HBO’s Game Of Thrones, Lord Of The Rings), RADHA MITCHELL (Man On Fire, The Crazies), ADELAIDE CLEMENS (X-Men Origins: Wolverine), KIT HARINGTON (HBO’s Game Of Thrones), CARRIE-ANNE MOSS (The Matrix, Disturbia), MALCOLM MCDOWELL (A Clockwork Orange, The Artist) and directed by Michael J. Bassett (SOLOMON KANE), SILENT HILL: REVELATION 3D hits theaters everywhere October 26, 2012.

Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/SilentHillRevelation
Official Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/silenthillmovie


  1. Pyramid Head… cool

  2. Pyramid Head!

  3. Christine Kaiser says:

    Pyramid Head, and I’m not just saying it because so many others have!

  4. Kenneth Glass says:

    Nothing but nurses

  5. Pyramid Head

  6. Perry Publico says:

    My favorite character from the Silent Hill series is Pyramid Head.

  7. James!!

  8. Harry Mason <3

  9. I loved Angela from Silent Hill 2. Kind of an obscure choice, but the final scene with her was amazing.

  10. Alessa!! What she went through was terrible 🙁

  11. Lewis Rinck says:

    Dahlia Gillespie

  12. Sharon Kaminski says:

    like cheryl mason, she is a hit!

  13. The Nurses

  14. Chaz Walter says:

    My favorite character from the ‘Silent Hill’ series is Pyramid Head.

  15. Pyramid Head


  16. Charles V says:

    cheryl mason

  17. The nurses are really creepy.

  18. Clayton burns says:

    My favorite is pyramid head he scared the living crap out me in silent hill 2 rapeing those poor demon nurses

  19. aw … you’re gonna make ME choose just one … bummer.
    several had their moments.

  20. the nurses hands down

  21. Their all freaky looking but I’d say the nurses must of all!

  22. Michelle Little says:

    Both my son’s and I favorite are the Nurses.

  23. Daniel Thornton, Jr. says:

    I like Harry Mason

  24. the nurses

  25. Kathy Sparks says:

    pyramid head

  26. Mark Carroll says:

    The nurses…

  27. Dawn Smith says:

    Pyramid head

  28. It would have to be Pyramid Head

  29. peter orlowski says:

    pyramid head…

  30. Marci Cornelius says:

    Harry Mason

  31. Pyramid Head of course

  32. Pyramid Head

  33. Kathryn c says:

    the Nurses !

  34. Pyramid Head

  35. the nurses

  36. It would have to be the evil nurses – they are the freakiest of the freaky.

  37. Pyramid Head

  38. janice smith says:

    Pyramid Head

  39. The nurses

  40. Mark Watson says:

    Pyramid Head.

  41. Carol Moore says:

    The nurses

  42. The nurses

  43. Kenbra Deere says:

    the nurses are crazy! definite favorite!

  44. David Spaur says:

    Gotta be the slashing dark nurse from the first movie

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