How is Online Gaming Becoming a Community?


The online gaming market has grown at an incredible rate in recent years and the industry is now thought to be worth £1.72 billion to the UK’s economy.

Steven Quale talks about directing tornado action film “Into the Storm”


Director of “Final Destination 5″ and “Into the Storm”

Book Review “The Hobbit Motion Picture Trilogy: Location Guide – Hobbiton, the Lonely Mountain and Beyond”


This book exclusive movie images and location photographs, specialty maps and directions, GPS references, touring information and even helpful Internet addresses.

Enter to Win a Blu-ray of Antonio Banderas’ latest film “Automata” [ENDED]


This giveaway will remain open until November 28th

Blu-ray Review “The Wind Rises”


Highly recommend this as it is sure to become a classic.

Digital HD Review “How to Train Your Dragon 2″


The first “How to Train Your Dragon” really built up the story for this film. The TV series continued it on and this sequel really takes it to the next level

DVD Review “The Jeffersons: The Complete Series”


For the first time ever you can enjoy this classic sitcom with this complete series including all 253 episodes

DVD Review “Mister Ed: The Complete Series”


“Mister Ed: The Complete Series” delivers us all six seasons of the show within its 143 episodes

Blu-ray Review “Lord of Illusions (Collector’s Edition)”


Disc one is the Theatrical Cut of the film, while disc two features an all NEW high definition transfer of Clive Barker’s Director’s Cut of the film making this a must own for any fan of the film.

Blu-ray Review “Tales From the Crypt / Vault of Horror: Double Feature”


Two great 70’s British horror films for the price of one

Vinyl Review: Trans-Siberian Orchestra “The Christmas Attic”

TSO ChristmasFRONT-Web

This is the first time that “The Christmas Attic” has ever been being made available on vinyl.

Blu-ray Review “Sailor Moon: Season 1 Part 1″


The transfers are a quite a bit of a mess and it is during going to upset many fans.

DVD Review “22 Jump Street”


The first film is a blast all around but surprisingly the sequel is even better than the first

Blu-ray Review “Batman: The Complete Television Series (Limited Edition)”


“Batman: The Complete Television Series” contains all three classic seasons scanning 120 original broadcast episodes, which are presented uncut and completely remastered.

Enter to Win Blu-ray Combo Pack for “The Expendables 3: Unrated Edition” [ENDED]


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Enter to Win a Blu-ray Combo of “Ragnarok” [ENDED]


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Nintendo 3DS Video Game Review “Big Hero 6: Battle in the Bay”


Unless you are completely obsessed with “Big Hero 6″ and need to have everything from the movie, this is a definite pass.

Blu-ray Review “Into the Storm”


I was hoping for the next big thing for tornadoes since “Twister” but I was left very disappointed. T

What to expect from the upcoming Scorsese casino movie starring Brad Pitt, Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio


Shooting on this big-budget project started early in September of this year and the finished film is expected to premiered next year.

Orlando Museum of Art Presents Festival of Trees: “Tis the Season!”


Date: November 15 – November 23, 2014

CD Review “Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved – Original Soundtrack”


Consists of the game’s orchestral themes scored by award-winning composer Inon Zur and the music team at Harmonix

The Blind Boys of Alabama’s Jimmy Carter talks about new album “Talkin’ Christmas!” and the band’s 70th Anniversary


Founding member of gospel group, The Blind Boys of Alabama

Crobot discusses touring and their latest album “Something Supernatural”

Something Supernatural

Band Members: Brandon Yeagley – Vocals and Harmonica; Chris Bishop – Guitar; Jake Figueroa – Bass Guitar and Paul Figueroa – Drums

DVD Review “Legends of the Knight”


We really see how important the character of Batman is to people. Very moving and definitely quite emotional.

IndieBox Announces “Brütal Legend: Limited Edition”


IndieBox, in partnership with Double Fine Productions, is releasing a special “limited edition” of the rock ‘n roll game Brütal Legend starring Jack Black, Tim Curry, and Ozzy Osbourne

3D Blu-ray Review “James Cameron’s Deepsea Challenge 3D”


If you love James Cameron and his under the sea adventures, this is both entertaining and educational…and of course in 3D.

STARZ Reteams Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell and Rob Tapert for a New TV Series Based on Their Classic Horror Film “The Evil Dead”


Bruce Campbell to Star as Title Character, Ash

DVD Review “Wicked, Wicked”


I think the idea of watch the film from the eyes of the hunter and the hunted is a really neat idea.

DVD Review “My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic: Season 4″


This season was totally about 20% cooler than season 3

CD Reviews “Walt Disney Records: The Legacy Collection”


These CDs aren’t just a collection of songs, they are an immersive experience

Enter to Win One of Cinedigm Recent Three GKIDS Animated Films [ENDED]


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Enter to Win DVD Gift Set for History’s “Ancient Aliens: The Complete Seasons 1-6″ [ENDED]


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Enter to Win Blu-ray “Reclaim” Starring John Cusack And Ryan Phillippe [ENDED]


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Kal Penn talks about his latest film “Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain”


“Harold and Kumar” film series, “House” and “How I Met Your Mother”

CD Review: Kontrust “Explositive”


Explositive just confirms that Kontrust is an artist that needs to permanently reside on my play list.

Book Reviews “ArtFolds: Christmas Memories”


“ArtFolds: Christmas Memories” includes instructions that show you how to fold each page to transform this book into a very amazing colorful Christmas Tree sculpture

Book Review “Build My Own: A Magical Christmas”


This book contains 86 bricks that allow you to read with the book and assemble Christmas themed models, including a little tree

Book Review “Barbie: A Special Christmas”


The reason this book wasn’t tossed directly to the side was the fact that this very colorful boardbook comes with four press-out glittery ornaments.

Book Review “Bubble Guppies Guess Who’s Fin-tastic!”


“Bubble Guppies Guess Who’s Fin-tastic!” is the latest in the bestselling Guess Who format filled with all the popular characters from “Bubble Guppies” show!

Book Review “Star Wars Costumes”


Episodes IV, V and IV are well represented here with costumes ranging for Chewbacca, R2-D2, C-3PO, Boba Fett, Darth Vadar, Stormtroopers and every guys favorite Slave Leia outfit and many more.

Book Review “Disney Fairies: Meet Periwinkle”


If you love Disney Fairies, I mean what little girl doesn’t, then this is a great buy for you.

Film Review “Big Hero 6″


I enjoyed it overall but I didn’t walk away screaming “WOW!!” like I did with recent past Disney animated films like Wreck-It Ralph” & “Frozen”

Kevin Greutert talks about directing and editing horror film “Jessabelle”


Director of “Saw VI” and Saw 3D: The Final Chapter”

Gamers Get More from Online Functionality


With big budget, triple-A releases being developed with online in mind, taking advantage of the large, cult like followings that online games garner, more and more money is being spent on an aspect that was once an afterthought

Holiday Gift Guides 2014 – KIDZ BOP


The holiday season is here and there are tons of great new items from Kidz Bop!! Check out below the 2014 Holiday Gift Guides…

Austrian crossover band Kontrust talks about new album “Explositive”


Band Members: Agata Jarosz (Vocals), Gregor Kutschera (Bass), Mike Wolff (Guitar)

Enter to Win Blu-ray Combo Pack for “Beethoven’s Treasure Tail” [ENDED]


This giveaway will remain open until November 14th

Blu-ray Review: “Star Wars: The Clone Wars – The Lost Missions”


“Star Wars: The Clone Wars – The Lost Missions” consists of the sixth and final season…the 13-episode season original aired exclusively on Netflix.

DVD Review “Phineas & Ferb: Star Wars”


If you have never seen the show once yet love “Star Wars”, this will be a great way to introduce you to the very funny characters and see “Star Wars” retold and reFERBished.

Blu-ray Review “Beware the Batman: Season 1, Part 2 – Dark Justice”


“Beware the Batman: Dark Justice – Season 1, Part 2″ includes the remaining 13 episodes in the series…

Blu-ray Review “Jersey Boys”


Normally not a huge Eastwood fan but he did a great job on converting this stage play works to a feature

DVD Review “Reno 911!: The Complete Series”


Available for the first time as a complete uncensored series. Don’t miss this!

Malek Akkad talks about about his directorial debut “Free Fall” and the “Halloween” franchise


Producer of “Rob Zombie’s Halloween 1 & 2″

Product Review “Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 500P Premium Fully Wireless Gaming Headset”


The first DTS Headphone:X 7.1 Channel Surround Sound headset for PS4 or PS3

DVD Review “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Daniel Tiger’s Happy Holidays”


“Daniel Tiger’s Happy Holidays” includes 7 Grr-ific Tales! Plus it comes with a Daniel Tiger figurine that has movable head and arms.

Exclusive Clip from “After Midnight” Starring Tawny Kitaen


Screen siren Tawny Kitaen is on the hunt for a killer in the sizzling and suspenseful new film from renowned filmmaker Fred Olen Ray.

Blu-ray Review “Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist”


This release is not the web series though it is something much better. This Blu-ray contains an uncut 146 minute feature film and is absolutely awesome.

Blu-ray Review “Dragon Ball: Season Eight”


“Dragon Ball Z: Season Eight Uncut”, which features episodes 220-253 of the classic anime series, presented in remastered high definition.

Blu-ray Review “Ghost in the Shell: Arise – Borders 1 & 2″


“Ghost in the Shell: Arise” is a new four-part OVA series that serves as a re-imagining of Masamune Shirow’s “Ghost in the Shell”.

DVD Review “WKRP In Cincinnati: The Complete Series”


Shout! did their best to make sure that every scene uncut and with as much original music as possible.

Joseph Bishara talks about his role and his score in the film “Annabelle”


Composer of “Insidious”, “The Conjuring” and “Annabelle”

The Ins and Outs of Video Poker


Online gaming is continuing to gain in popularity, thanks primarily to the growing choice of platforms and the diversity that exists within the sector as a whole. Nowhere is this diversity more noticeable than in the casino marketplace, where gamers can enjoy several titles that replicate the traditional experience. Take Video Poker, for example, which […]

Blu-ray Review “Possessed (1947)”


Warner Archive Collection was behind this release and produced a beautiful transfer for the black-and-white classic

Gerrit Graham talks about roles in “Phantom of the Paradise” and “Used Cars”


Beef in “Phantom of the Paradise”

Blu-ray Review “The Dark Half”


It was cool seeing this film again and it looks quite awesome on Blu-ray.

Blu-ray Review “Dolls”


I love the stop-motion and puppetry special effects in the film and that is what wins me over.

Blu-ray Review “Monkey Shines”

monkey shines

The film is still effective and still holds up today.

DVD Review “Happy Christmas”


I obviously wasn’t the right audience of this film.

Blu-ray Review “Tammy: Extended Cut”


When someone plays the same character time after time it gets quite old and that is the case here

3D Blu-ray Review “Hercules 3D”


Props for having some pretty epic battles and impressive visuals but it is not a film to me that really screams repeat viewing.

Blu-ray Review “Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings”


This film has non-stop gore and great practical effects. A most for any horror fan.

Product Review “Cracker Barrel: Animated Singing Light Up Snowman”


I am sure that this item is going to be a big seller this year. It is priced right and definitely gets a smile on your face.

Product Review “Cracker Barrel: LED Village with Animated Tree”


Let’s just say I have a lot of jealous family members ever since we added this to our collection

Product Review “Cracker Barrel: LED Christmas Tree with Music”


We came across the LED Christmas Tree with Music and stopped dead in our tracks. This became our must own decoration for the year.

Marvel Studios Unveils Phase 3 of Marvel Cinematic Universe


Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige revealed the films that will make up Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, featuring a mix of fan-favorite characters and several heroes who will be making their big-screen debuts.

Rob Zombie talks about his Crowd-Funded Clown Horror Film “31”


Writer/Director of “House of 1000 Corpses”, “The Devil Rejects”

Product Review “Cracker Barrel: Rock O Rama Jukebox”


There are 18 hits by some of music’s greatest artists included here with some of my all-time favorites…

Product Review “Cracker Barrel: Snowman Wood Sleigh Wall”


When my wife set eyes on this sleigh, she literally said “Wow, I love it”. When you get a response like that you know that you certainly have something special.

CD Review “Jeff Bridges & The Abiders: Live”


The album it is called “Live” and I was hoping for a live recording of a concert but instead we get here a collection of live songs instead.

Product Review “Dyson DC65 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner”


The DC65 Animal Complete is named to be include the strongest suction of any vacuum.

Enter to Win Prize Pack of DVD for NCircle Entertainment! [ENDED]


This giveaway will remain open until November 14th

Book Review “DC Comics: A Visual History”


This updated and expanded edition of “DC Comics: A Visual History” is a must have for any comic fan.

Book Review “Batman: A Visual History”


Definitive guide to the world of the Dark Knight

Book Review “Disney Princess: Perfect Princess Christmas”


“Disney Princess: Perfect Princess Christmas” features four Christmas-themed stories with our favorite Disney princess: Ariel, Aurora, Cinderella, Tiana.

Book Review “Disney Christmas Storybook Collection”

disney christmas storybook

This updated edition includes brand new Christmas-themed stories including new films like “Frozen”, “Wreck-It Ralph”, and “Tangled”.

Book Review “Disney’s A Merry Christmas Cookbook”


Words cannot express how much I love this book.

Book Review “Happy Holidays! From the Avengers”


Great book for younger kids, looks to enjoy the holidays with their favorite superheros.

Book Review “Doc McStuffins: A Very McStuffins Christmas”


This book is a favorite for my two year old, who loves pointing out all the characters like Santa and his toys

Book Review “Disney Minnie: Minnie’s Winter Bow Show”


The book is so incredible colorful and come stocked with 70 special sparkly stickers!

Book Review “Disney Sofia the First: A Gift from Sofia”


A Gift from Sofia” is a great story about Sofia getting ready to celebrate her first Wassailia in Enchancia

Book Review “Disney Frozen Melt My Heart: Share Hugs with Olaf!”


This book has given many hugs and even to myself by order of my two year old.

Book Review “Disney Frozen: Elsa’s Gift”


It is cute, funny and features all of our favorite characters from the film

Book Review “Disney Learning: Reading Adventures – Sofia the First – Level Pre-1 Boxed Set”


Great mix of learning with the ability to have fun.

Book Review “Disney Frozen Let It Go”


If your kids love the song “Let it Go” from “Frozen” (I mean who doesn’t?) They will love this book

Blu-ray Review “Mercenaries”


Even though it has a terrible script and D-list cast…this is a fun flick.

Blu-ray Review “Shock Waves”


This cult classic is is making’s its Blu-ray debut thanks to Blue Underground. This film still holds up and is quite fun.

Product Review “Nokia Lumia 1020″


All I have to say is 41 megapixels! That’s right the Nokia Lumia 1020 has a camera that is 41 megapixels

Book Review “Adventure Time: The Art of Ooo”


If you are just getting into this show or a fan from day 1, you will not be disappointed by this book, no question.

XBOX 360 Video Game Review “Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved”


It is a fun way to just let loose and just a really cool idea to be able to control the music with your hands.

Win an iTunes Gift card to Support the VOD Release of “The Devil’s Hand” [ENDED]


This giveaway will remain open until November 7th