Book Review “Adventure Time: The Art of Ooo”


If you are just getting into this show or a fan from day 1, you will not be disappointed by this book, no question.

Book Review “The Art of Big Hero 6″


If you are looking for a great behind-the-scenes look into this film, Chronicle Books has done it again!

Book Review “I’m the Man: The Story of That Guy from Anthrax”


From a night out of drinking with the one and only Lemmy to breaking in to the New York Yankees practice facility “I’m the Man” leaves no stone unturned.

Book Review “Sofia the First: The Curse of Princess Ivy”


This book like previous Sofia books feature some really beautifully illustrated artwork within this hardcover jacketed picture book.

Book Review “Frozen Sing-Along Storybook”


A must have for any “Frozen” fan

Book Review “Disney’s 5-Minute Minnie Tales”


The perfect bedtime book for any little girl

Book Reviews “Star Wars Art: Illustration & Posters” and “Star Wars Visions”


Thanks to the amazing people at Abrams, they have been releasing amazing “Star Wars” books for their fans for years

Book Reviews “Disney Poster-A-Page – Disney Junior: Let’s Play & Frozen: Magical Moments”


This is literally a poster on every page along with nine supersize pull-out posters. that can function as fantastic door signs, room decorations, or background for their fantasy worlds.

Book Review “Star Wars The Adventures of Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight”

Jedi Knight

It is kid friendly and a great way to get your kids interested in the series.

Book Reviews “Disney Minnie: Minnie’s Purse” & “Sofia the First: Sofia’s Purse”


Includes some pull-down flaps and also two pages of stickers. The stickers is what sold the deal for my daughter.

Book Review “The Art of Princess Mononoke”


The book includes fantastic interviews, concept sketches, and finished animation cels from this animated classic.

Book Review “Disney Palace Pets: Guess Who Castle Cuties”


When I see my daughters face when you interacts with these characters, there is nothing better in the world.

Book Review “Disney Princess: Dazzling Moments”


A real win for any little girl because it is not just a storybook but it also comes with a snow globe

Book Review “Raging Heat” by Richard Castle


Unable to be put down once you start

Book Review “Doc McStuffins Doctor’s Helper”


It is cute but didn’t really wow me too much

Book Review “Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Winter Never Land”


“Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Winter Never Land” is shaped like a Christmas tree and is a great way to get into the holiday mood

Book Review “Sofia the First: Royal Prep Academy”


The book is very interactive and seems to be getting a lot of repeat business in our house.

Book Review “Star Wars Rebels: A New Hero”


“Star Wars Rebels: A New Hero” is collection of concept art for the show put together in this action-packed picture book t

Book Review “Big Hero 6: Hiro and Tadashi”

Hiro and Tadashi

A great setup to the film and gives you a chance to learn a little bit about the characters as we wait until its release this November.

Book Review “Disney 5-Minute Spooky Stories”


Halloween is right around the corner and what better way to celebrate with your young kids than with kid friendly spooky stories with their favorite Disney characters

Book Review “Disney Princess Royal Treasury: Read-and-Play Storybook”


It is a 4-in-1 padded storybook that features stories for our favorite princess (or I should say specifically my daughters) Ariel, Aurora, Rapunzel, and Tiana

Book Review “Disney Junior Storybook Collection”


This is THE BOOK to get if you have a kid that is answer from a Preschool to Kindergarten

Book Review “Disney Princess Sleeping Beauty Read-Along Storybook and CD”


If you are looking to introduce your kids to “Sleeping Beauty”, this would be a good way to ease them in before watching the film or to enjoy after the film

Book Review “World of Reading – Disney Junior Boxed Set: Pre-Level 1″


This collection is absolutely perfect for those early readers, who can’t read yet need more challenge than just pictures and colors

Book Review “Disney’s Minnie: Minnie’s Costume Contest”


I love that young kids are able to celebrate Halloween with books like this without all the scary aspect

Book Review “Disney Princess: Dear Princess”


Features recent princesses like Rapunzel, Tiana, Merida as well as the classics like Belle and Ariel

Book Review “Doc McStuffins Boo to You!”


A must have for any Doc fan

Book Review “Mickey & Friends Mickey’s Spooky Night”


The pages are hard stock and work well with those little hands that are unable to turn paper pages

Book Reviews “Disney Princess Read-and-Sing: “Sleeping Beauty & Tangled”


I love the blend of the music within theses books

Book Review “This Darkness Light” by Michaelbrent Collings


“This Darkness Light” is the latest and honestly greatest work that this crazy dude has released

Book Review “The Art of Planes”


If you enjoy the films, the book is a decent companion

Book Review “Yours for Eternity: A Love Story on Death Row”

Damien Echols and Lorri Davis Photo and Book 06022014

“Yours For Eternity” is a fascinating read, and will allow you to view the people involved in this case in a whole new light.

Book Review “The Art of the Films: Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Dawn of Planet of the Apes”


I absolutely love both of these films and if you do as well, this is a must own.

Book Review “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Ultimate Visual History”


If you love TMNT, I just cannot stress enough that you need to have this in your collection!

Book Review “Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Sailing the Never Sea”


It may be something so simple as a design that just makes a book so much more enjoyable and this a must have for all families.

Book Review “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Chronicles: Cloaks & Daggers”


Harper Design doesn’t just release a book, they release a piece of art itself

Comic Book Review “Metabarons Genesis: Castaka” by Alexandro Jodorowsky


Like “The Metabarons”, it is a not an easy series to just pick up and read, it is deep like the work that Jodorowsky is know for and that is what makes it exciting and very interesting read

Comic Book Review “The White Lama” by Alexandro Jodorowsky


If you enjoy this other work like “The Incal” and “The Metabarons”, this is another great series to check out

Book Review “Goodnight Darth Vader”


I hope that Brown continues this series because “Star Wars” needs this in order to have parents be able to get their kids started on the series at a much younger age.

Audio Book Reviews “Graphic Audio: Marvel”


These audio books have full casts, cinematic music and sound effects. While you are listening to these you literally can visualize the comic and you feel like you are right in the middle of the action.

Book Review ”The Art and Making of Hercules”


There is definitely some good info here, I just read a lot of art of/making of books and this is definitely not my favorite.

Book Review “Once Upon a Dream: From Perrault’s Sleeping Beauty to Disney’s Maleficent”


This book is worth checking out if you love “Sleeping Beauty” but in no way should it be considered an acceptable replacement for an art of book for “Maleficent”.

Book Review “Minnie Minnie’s Bow-tastic Sticker Collection”


What does a two year love more than watching the show on TV….playing with STICKERS!!

Book Review “Walt Disney’s Classic Storybook (Volume 3)”


Perfect for bedtime stories

Book Review “Phantasm Exhumed: The Unauthorized Companion”


Author: Dustin McNeill Paperback: 268 pages Publisher: Harker Press Release Date: April 21, 2014 Our Score: 5 out of 5 stars Grab your balls horror fans because “Phantasm” is finally getting an amazing behind-the-scenes book coming the franchise. I think “Phantasm” is a horror franchise that never really got the love that it deserved. When the […]

Book Review “Planes: Fire & Rescue – Dusty’s Big Job”


This hardcover book is only 24 pages but it is still a great read for kids, who love the series

Book Review “Disney’s Minnie: Wishing on a Bow”


“Wishing on a Bow” is a cute story and has already become a bed time must read for my daughter

Book Review “Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Cubby’s Mixed-Up Map”


This latest book “Cubby’s Mixed-Up Map” is another cute story for fans of the show.

Book Review “Doc McStuffins: Doc’s Mobile Clinic”


We have two copies of this book actually one for the house and one for the car, since it is in high demand with our daughter

Book Review “Cars / Planes: Fly-and-Drive – Read-Along Storybook”


This action-packed set includes four thrilling stories narrated with sound effects and character voices: “Cars”, “Cars 2″, “Air Mater”, and “Planes”

Book Review “Junior Encyclopedia of Animated Characters”


This is a fantastic encyclopedia of characters and I recommend this to every parent who wants to introduce their kids to Disney

Book Review “Disney’s Planes: Meet the Planes”


Must have for any “Cars” or “Planes” fan…or any young boy in general ;-)

Book Review “Sofia the First: Princesses to the Rescue!”


This is easily the coolest thing that my daughter has ever seen

Book Review “Planes: Fire & Rescue (Read-Along Storybook & CD​)”


Follows the thrilling adventures of Dusty Crophopper and all his pals. It is action packed with with music, sound effects, and character voices

Graphic Novel Review “Castle: Richard Castle’s Unholy Storm”


“Richard Castle’s Unholy Storm” is the latest graphic novel release based on the series and it is easily one of the best yet

Book Review “Godzilla: The Art of Destruction”


As “Godzilla” is my favorite film of the year to date, this is easily my favorite “art of” book to date as well

Book Review “The Art of How to Train Your Dragon 2″


If you are a fan of the original film, then this is a must own for sure and will hold you off till the sequel comes out on June 13th!

Book Review “No Slam Dancing, No Stage Diving, No Spikes”


Even if you never attended the venue or knew of its existence “No Slam Dancing, No Stage Diving, No Spikes” is a must read!

Book Review “Star Wars Storyboards: The Original Trilogy”


Last year “Star Wars Storyboards: The Prequel Trilogy” was released…but we all knew that “Star Wars Storyboards: The Original Trilogy” was the book that we were all waiting for.

Book Review “I Love My Daddy”


If you have a young child, this is a must own for sure and don’t worry there is also a “I Love My Mommy” as well for all your amazing mother’s out there as well

Book Review “The Colony: Renegades” by Michaelbrent Collings


This book is the Michael Bay of zombie books

Book Review “The Incal: Classic Collection”


Extremely cinematic and nothing like any other comic developed during its time.

Magazine Review “Full Moon Presents: Delirium” Issue #1


I think this magazine has great potential for us horror fans

Book Review “Disney Infinity: Prima Official Game Guide (2014 Revised Edition)”


A must own for anyone playing Disney Infinity

Book Review “Smaug: Unleashing the Dragon”


As a fan of the film, I literally could not put this down

Book Review “The Art of The Wind Rises”


If you are a Studio Ghibli fan, I cannot recommend this anymore, it is a must own!

Book Review “Crime Seen” by Michaelbrent Collings


“Crime Seen” is a great thriller with a nice supernatural edge mixed in

Book Review “Steven Spielberg and Duel: The Making of a Career” by Steven Awalt


An in-depth look into the workings of a young 24 year old director who went on to become, arguably, the most successful filmmaker of all time.

Book Review “Journey Thru The Unknown” by Murray Langston

Journey Unknown-360x360

Langston manages to add a little humor just when it’s needed.

Book Review “Belly Laughs: The Naked Truth about Pregnancy and Childbirth: 10th Anniversary Edition” by Jenny McCarthy


The soft cover 10th Anniversary edition of the book is being released via Da Capo Press and features 166 pages jam packed with side splitting stories along with a new introduction by the outspoken author.

Book Review “The Art of Ponyo”


This is an amazing look into this film and it gives a real appreciation for hand-drawn animation.

Book Review “Jerry Bruckheimer: When Lightning Strikes – Four Decades of Filmmaking”


If you are a fan of Bruckheimer, then I cannot recommend this book enough since it is really the ultimate ode to an amazing filmmaker…just make sure you have enough room on your bookshelf.

Book Review “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Colors All Around”


“Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Colors All Around” is a very educational book much more than I actually expected

Book Review “The Art of Mr. Peabody and Sherman”


I wanted to get the art of book to see if it would entice me to see the film but it really has not done anything for me.

Book Review “The Mayor of MacDougal Street: A Memoir”

The Mayor of MacDougal Street

Van Ronk tells in detail stories of his first taste of recording to the struggles of finding places to perform and throughout the books pages when fitting recounts intimate memories and experiences…

Book Review “Birth School Metallica Death: The Biography Vol. 1″


Fans of Metallica and or heavy metal music in general will surely enjoy “Birth School Metallica Death: The Biography Vol. 1”.

Book Review “27: A History of the 27 Club through the Lives of Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse”

27 A History of the 27 Club

Those looking for definitive answers on what ultimately ties these musicians together in death might not be too surprised with the information contained in this book…

Book Review “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Chronicles – Art & Design”


This book is a must own!

Book Review “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Animal ABCs”


This new book “Animal ABCs” is such a blast, it not only teaches the ABCs but also relates then to animals.

Book Review “Sofia the First: Ready To Be a Princess – Book and Magnetic Playset”


This is highly recommended if you enjoy this series.

Book Review “Disney Frozen: Royal Sisters – A Dress-Up Book and Magnetic Play Set”


Highly recommended, very reasonable priced and will make a great holiday gift this year!

Book Review “The Art of Frozen”


Even though this may not be the best “Art of” book of the year but if you enjoyed the film, it is worth checking out still.

Book Review “Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Mama Hook Knows Best”


The very talent Disney Storybook Art Team delivered this book full of great illustrations showing Mama Hook’s memories of when she sailed the Never Sea.

Book Review “Star Trek: A Very Klingon Khristmas”

Star Trek A Very Klingon Khristmas

g. “A Very Klingon Khristmas” is a very clever and funny story and a must have for any fan of the franchise.

Book Review “My Neighbor Totoro Picture Book (New Edition)”


Viz Media is releasing this new edition to celebrate the film’s 25th anniversary and they have done a great job here for sure.

Book Review “Hitchcock and the Making of Marnie – Revised Edition”


“Hitchcock and the Making of ‘Marnie'” is packed with the kind of inside information that film fans love

Book Review “The Sun’s Coming Up… Like A Big Bald Head” by Norman Reedus


The photographs by Norman Reedus are very artistic and takes on an “hauntingly intimate journey through the dark and sublime.”

Book Review “Frozen: The Essential Guide”


“Frozen: The Essential Guide” is a great way to learn a little bit about the film, the characters, location and themes before you see it in theaters.

Book Review “Star Wars: Frames”


This book is retailing for $150 dollars but trust me it is worth every single dollar

Book Review “Star Wars Art: Concept”


A must have for any “Star Wars” fan!

Book Review “Guillermo del Toro – Cabinet of Curiosities: My Notebooks, Collections, and Other Obsessions”


A chance to get inside the mind of writer-director Guillermo del Toro? That is an absolute no brainer.

Book Review “The Very Fairy Princess Sparkles in the Snow” by Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton


“The Very Fairy Princess Sparkles in the Snow” is easily the cutest book in the series and I can’t to see what the duo have planned next.

Book Review “Frozen: A Sister More Like Me “


My 16 month old daughter brought this book over to me once we got it and said “Ok”, which means “Read me now!…please”. I read the entire 32 page book and she didn’t move once

Book Review “Tinker Bell: An Evolution”


If you are a fan of Tinker Bell, whether it is from “Peter Pan” or your kids with the Disney Fairies franchise, this book is a must own.

Book Review “Sofia the First: Holiday in Enchancia”


This book is a perfect way to get in the mood for the holiday season. It blends the wonderful feeling of the holidays with the charm of “Sofia the First”.

Book Review “Sofia the First: The Floating Palace”


“Sofia the First: The Floating Palace” is the second book in the series and another great installment in the series.

Book Review “Fortunately, the Milk” by Neil Gaiman


Probably one of the zaniest yet most fun books I have read in the longest time

Book Review “The Birthday Queen” by Audrey Wood


The Birthday Queen is engaging, inviting and fun! Audrey and Don Wood have another hit on their talented hands!

Book Review “Kiss, Kiss Good Night” by Kenn Nesbitt


This is a wonderful bedtime book. I can’t wait to read this to my daughter every night!

Book Review “The Gingerbread Bear” by Robert Dennis


The illustrations are cute, the story is cute and the ending is cute.