Reasons To Find No Deposit Casinos

Surely, all gamblers around the globe are familiar with casino games played for money. But, as the matter of fact, some still get surprised when told of the sites offering free spins to everyone who’s registered. The practice shows that lots of people view it with some scepticism at first. However, those who’ve come across […]

“Manchester by the Sea” Dominates 4th Annual Awards

Writer/Director Kenneth Lonergan’s “Manchester by the Sea” led all films in the 4th Annual Media Mikes Awards, which are voted on by both readers and staff of the web site. Besides being named the Best Film of 2016, “Manchester by the Sea” took home the awards for Best Actor, Casey Affleck, as well as Best […]

How Betting Became Popular In The UK

Gambling has existed in the world for very a long time, but it has been gaining prevalence in the last century thanks to the growth of technology. Even though the United Kingdom only has just over 60 million residents, it does not take long to look here and find that this region witnesses a lot […]

Top 10 Casino and Gambling-Themed Movies

People have always regarded gambling as one of the favourite activities, and it is not surprising that this interest also translates into the world of movies. A number of gambling and casino themed movies come out on a regular basis, but there are movies that capture the hearts and minds of viewers more than others. […]

Vampire Stories That Are More Romantic Than Twilight

Vampires are one of the most iconic figures in the horror realm and whether they’re showing off their bloodsucking prowess on film, on TV or in literature they’ve always been the popular subject matter for many writers and filmmakers who are keen to show audiences their softer sides. There has always been a certain alluring […]

A New Way to Play: Why Canadians Love Casino Games

“Insurance?” (CC BY 2.0) by banspy Canadians love to gamble. In fact, they love it so much that’s it’s one of the hottest forms of entertainment across the country right now. According to Statista, Canadian casinos raked in more than $6 billion over a 12-month period in 2016, which is up more than $500 million compared to 2006, […]

Our Critics Pick the Best (and Worst) Films of 2016

As the year 2016 finally comes to an end it’s time for the film guys (and gals) here at Media Mikes to share our thoughts on the best and worse films that the year had to offer

The Best TV Shows of 2016

I’m not going to claim to have watched as many TV shows as I have movies. But I watch enough TV, good and bad, to develop an understanding of some of the best content out there. And I’ll admit I haven’t seen some of the programs other people are raving about, such as “Westworld,” “Atlanta,” […]

Remembering Carrie Fisher

I’m pretty sure that if there had been no Princess Leia there never would have been an Ellen Ripley (“Alien”) or Sarah Connor (“Terminator 2: Judgement Day”).

These are the Best Hours to Trade the Euro

These are the Best Hours to Trade the Euro Not everyone who trades is a full-time trader. This means that you don’t always have the flexibility to choose the hours you are going to trade. Because of this, it is important to understand the different markets and the ideal time for trading specific currencies and […]

Another breakthrough year for online gaming

The concept of playing games without an internet connection is quickly becoming redundant. This is because 2016 has been another year where gamers are seeking an increased connectivity to help their games become more complex, creative and realistic. Everything from big-budget console releases like Overwatch to the growing casino games trend has seen online technologies […]

Games We Wish Existed (But It’s Probably Better They Don’t)

  Have you ever seen a bizarre situation unfold, or had an absolutely awful day at work, and thought, this would make a ridiculous video game? We have! There’s a million different video games out there, everything from racing Sims to war zone cinematics, but we’re thinking of something a little more unique than just […]

Channel 4 delivered the coverage for the Paralympic Sports during the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics

If you watched the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics, one of the stand out events to have caught was the Paralympic Sports. This showcases real superhumans of sport. You honestly cannot watch and be in awe of how hard it must have been to perform the tasks that they do and they show the most dedication […]

Great online games to avoid the holiday blues!

During this holiday season, many people get what’s called the holiday blues. If you don’t get to share your holidays with a family or love ones, they can get a little down. I usually like to loose myself online and just browse around and play games. There are tons are great online games to pass […]

X-Men you never should play in casino against

We all know that X-men are heroes with supernatural powers lead by professor Xavier – the cleverest man in Marvel Universe. Although we are used to think that all they are concerned about is saving the world, we should notice that some of the mutants have supernatural powers to be in use not in a […]

Greatest Fictional Dragons!

Since the dawn of history, humans have been obsessed with huge, fire breathing creatures from mythical tales and stories gone by. Every culture in history has its own take on the mythical dragon, whether it be the more serpentine beast of Asian lore, or the winged behemoth of European literature. Dragons have found their way […]

The Firefly 2 – If Q Made a Vaporizer, This Would Be It

Quitting your highly paid Silicon Valley job as a software developer for Apple might seem like insanity. But that’s just what Matt Williams did. Along with his partner, Sasha Robinson, who also packed in a highly-paid Silicon Valley tech job, Williams set out to change the vaping industry. A High-End Sleek Design They resolved to […]

Best Place to Get Coupons for Online Shopping!

The holiday season is here and everyone is full swing into shopping mode. During this time of the year everyone spends way too much money. Money that most people don’t even have to spend. It is also during this time that everyone is looking for ways to save money while still getting family and friends […]

The All American Family Guy

America will never be the same again! Trump has taken over not just our TV’s but the entire nation. Some would say it’s ‘Lucky there’s a Family Guy, he can certainly make us laugh and cry’. In honour of the best piece of TV to come out of the USA coupled with the worst political […]

Shocking Facts About Online Gaming

It seems that these days we are meant to be shocked about gaming all the time. There are plenty of controversies around the community, with people asking for change, or complaining about the latest big release. Some shocking facts can be good though, as a sign of change, or at least positive movements in a […]

The Benefits of Mobile Casinos

Today it is the majority that own a smartphone rather than a minority, and because of this many companies have optimized their businesses to work well with mobile devices whilst some have changed their focus directly to the mobile market. This makes perfect sense as the percentage of those that use their mobile devices to […]

5 Things to Do in Las Vegas this Christmas and How to Make the Most of it

Las Vegas is a mesmerizing place to visit all year round, but when you add the wonders of Christmas into the mix, it becomes truly magical. The sheer size and razzmatazz of the city can be a little overwhelming, so you have to prepare yourself. If it’s your first time visiting the desert city, then […]

Holiday Shopping Madness Begins

It is official Fall and even though it is not Halloween yet, the holiday shopping season has already started. As you are visiting your favorite stores, you will see how they are already transformed into Christmas themes and the shopping craze is getting geared up. Stores like Lowes, Cracker Barrel, Kohls and many others are […]

10 TV Series That Started Out as Feature Films

Some of the most beloved television series of all time revisited their characters and storylines in feature film style long after their small screen run was over. Shows like “The X-Files,” “Entourage,” and “Veronica Mars” all introduced feature film installments years after their run on television ended. Shows like “South Park” and “The Simpsons” were […]

Famous Casinos of the Moscow: from 80s to present

  Today, in the central streets of Moscow you can no longer meet the bright signs of gambling establishments. Now, casinos can operate strictly within the special zones, so the gambling business of the Russian capital went into the shadows. Although experienced players can still indulge in their favorite entertainment. In the 80s, gambling houses […]

Appearance of the Indian gambling and betting

Appearance of the Indian gambling and betting Background appearance In 80-ies of XX century, some Indian tribes began to organize and carry out their own lottery. The prize pool of their lottery exceeded the official US lottery funds. The authorities attempted to close the business, but in response, Indians began to file lawsuits, explaining their […]

Why was 2016’s Ghostbusters so controversial?

Although it may not have exactly set the box office alight, it seems that one film that everyone had an opinion on was this year’s Ghostbusters movie. Regardless of whether people had seen the movie or not, it seemed that the concept of an all-female team of Ghostbusters revealed that many cinema fans have some […]

Why Spending the Night in is the New “Night Out”

The ways in which different generations enjoy their free time play a major part in how each generation is defined. More and more people these days opt to spend their weekends catching up on sleep and their favorite TV shows instead of dressing up and heading out for a night on the town. How did […]

Learn How Adderall is Being Used More and More by Students in the UK

In this article we are taking a look at why there has been a sharp increase in regards to the number of students based in the UK who now take Adderall regularly

Visiting Filming Locations Abroad

If like us you enjoy visiting the places and sets of your favorite movies or TV shows, then there is a good chance you will do a lot of travelling overseas. However, one thing you will need to do when visiting any country is to arrange travel insurance. It is unfortunately one of those expenses […]

Changing the Way We Pay: How Technology is Slowly Killing Off Cash

The way we pay is slowly changing. Where it was once true that cash or checks were king, it’s now become the case that digital payments are becomingly increasingly widespread

Do You Enjoy Watching Movies on Your Mobile?

You will either love the convenience at which you can watch movies on your mobile phone or tablet device, or you will hate it and much prefer sitting in front of the big screen where you get the maximum viewing experience. In fact, as more and more people now use mobile devices, it is not […]

Playing Film Themed Bingo and Slot Games Online

You can always find something to do as long as you have some form of mobile device or computer that will allow you to get online, and one thing that we are aware many people do get involved in, apart of course from watching films and TV shows is gamble online. Therefore, will be a […]

A correct ecommerce site design is critical for a better conversion

A correct ecommerce site design is critical for a better conversion, and almost any expert will usually confirm that this is true.

Play Movie Themed Games at Casinos

Many people can suddenly give a quote from one or more films they have watched, and we bet you can name a famous line from a movie you have enjoyed watching or possibly a film you watch time and time again! In fact, many people become so fascinated with a film they will buy all […]

Jack and the Beanstalk Film and Namesake Slot Machine

If you have ever had to keep the kids amused, there is a very good chance that one film you have sat them down to watch is Jack and the Beanstalk. In fact, over the years there have been many remakes of that original film, many of which are actually suitable for both children and […]

Increasing Your Film and TV Show Slot Game Playing Pleasure

As you may have discovered if you have been reading through some of our large number of different blog posts, there are a huge range of different slot games you can play online which come with themes related to films, TV shows and even actors and actresses. If you are getting a little tempted to […]

Got a Website? Get Low Cost Hosting!

As you may have realized we do love everything film related, however if you are consider launching your own website then there are a lot of things you will need to have to think about, irrespective of what the theme of your website will be about. One of the most important things you will have […]

Egyptian Themed Films and Slot Games

Think of just how many films you have watched which had an Egyptian theme, there are quite a number of them to guess from, however the one film that many people will immediately think of is the 1963 film Cleopatra. That film is still a great one to watch if you haven’t already seen it, […]

Casino Barmy a Welcome Distraction from Movie Watching!

When we are not watching movies or sat in front of the television we are often to be found surfing the web, and we can almost guarantee that you do the same. However, there are of course plenty of different things you can do online apart from learning more about any soon to be realized […]

Microgaming Showcases VR Roulette Game

  As Microgaming showcases VR roulette game, it becomes clearer that this is the direction in which the industry is moving. Microgaming has been a leader in the industry for a long time by this point. If they are making it popular to produce VR games, then the rest of the industry is going to […]

Gene Wilder, comedy legend, dead at age 83

Gene Wilder, who went from comic actor to acclaimed writer/director, passed away at age 83 on August 29th due to complications with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Infographic highlighting the UK TV habits have created an Infographic highlighting the UK TV habits, which you can view below, how many can you agree with?

Movies theme online casino games

Movies theme online casino games continue to be some of the most popular of all of the online casino games, even when compared with all of the online casino games and not just the online casino slot games. People love the games that give them a certain degree of familiarity, which is certainly the case […]

Chances of Winning Online Casino Games

If you are playing casino games online, I am sure everyone wonders “What are the chances of me actually winning?” There are a few factors that you should look into when trying to figure out what your chances are in winning while online gambling: One factor is random number generator, or RNG, which is a program that […]

The Dark Knight: From Comics to Movies

Everyone is familiar with a superhero from Gotham city – Batman. Bruce Wayne is one of the beloved characters of DC Universe created by Milton Finger.

The Best Films Based on Greek Mythology

Despite having incredible narratives and characters to work with, the vast majority of these movies tend to border on the ridiculous and fail to capture the mystique of a fascinating epoch in history

Technology and The Evolution of Online Gambling

When it comes to online businesses that had a good run both the adult online gaming industry have paved the way for a vast number of successful business offshoots. Likely one of the most successful benefactor industries of these two has been the payment processing industry which birth to the likes of 2Checkout, WorldPay, CCBill, […]

The Best Bingo Scenes in TV and Film

Bingo has seen quite the resurgence in recent times with the more traditional version of the game reappearing in land-based venues

Getting your Game of Thrones fix before season seven

With the closing scenes of season six providing us with a lot of food for thought, Game of Thrones fans face a long wait before they get to enjoy another series of this epic fantasy drama.

What Privacy? Revealing Our Personalities Online!

At one point, the internet used to be a haven for anonymity. No one could tell who you were without a lot of effort, technical know-how, and perhaps a warrant. A site would only know you from your IP address. How times have changed.

Euro 2016 and Sports Betting

This summertime tournament which takes place in the months of June and July is held in the beautiful country of France.

“Think Fast!” Trivia Could Soon Be Heading to a Radio Near You

Daily trivia coming to a radio station near you

A look back into 2014’s “The Gambler”

Released in 2014, The Gambler is a contemporary remake released forty years after the original movie of the same name. While it has received no little praise for telling a difficult story with care and compassion, the critical consensus is that it doesn’t quite stand up to the original in terms of sheer tension. Ultimately […]

Comic Book Review Writing Tips and Tricks

Comic books are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Several decades ago, a comic book was treated like meaningless trash whereas it contained pictures and short portions of text about superheroes, ghosts, common people, etc. The majority of comics were produced for children. Apparently, the choice of comic books is enormous. One can find books […]

Fallen Preview: A Tale of a Century-Old Love The intersection between movie motifs and the supernatural is one that audiences are often invited to travel across by script writers and directors. From straight-up thrillers involving antisocial beings from the beyond to heart-warming tales of those on earth finding comfort in those from the spirit world, the use of spirits and all things […]

Is Live Music Dying?

Credit Image Source: Most people fall in one of two categories: those who couldn’t live without going to live concerts and shows, and those who just don’t really care. When did you last go to a gig? Even if you’re someone who loves to see their favorite bands performing, it’s undeniable that many people […]

Get a fix of your favorite movie characters with online scratch games

Today, you can play virtually any game you can think of online, and whatever you’re interested in, you’ll find an online game that’s linked to that interest. One of the latest real money games you can play online are online scratch cards – just like the ones you’ll find at the newsagents or in other […]

Major Movie Studios Licensing their Movies to Slots Makers

Game developers look in all the unexpected places for inspiration when seeking the next idea for a slot machine. When it comes to slots based on movies, though, things get a bit complicated – they need to sign licensing agreements with the owners of their rights to be able to even touch the subject. And […]

Is Jon Snow Dead? Game of Thrones Trailer Drops a Hint

The sixth season of Game of Thrones (GoT) is marching towards us like seven noble families vying for the Iron Throne and anticipation is starting to build among the show’s hardcore fan base.

Is Daniel Craig the Best Bond Ever?

For some, the latest James Bond movie, Spectre, was another triumph for the franchise. For others, it was a bit “meh”. However, for Daniel Craig, it appears to have been a harrowing experience.

Adventure Games That Made It Big in Vegas

There was a time – if you care to remember the days of Atari’s and ZX Spectrum’s – when games were just games; standalone titles with their own original plots, and let’s be honest here, generally basic gameplay.

Current Gaming Titles from RealTime Gaming

The software company RealTime Gaming has released a number of video slots that appeal particularly to movie buffs. Find out about the best new RTG slot titles

Adaptations of movies, from books and television programs

There have been countless adaptations of books to films, and TV series, and vice versa. Millions of pounds are now spent on these mediums as well as the merchandise which follows. Here are some which have adapted, resulting in success.   Stargate originally began as a film, in 1994, which grossed US$197 million worldwide. In […]

What effect does Netflix have on the film industry?  

The figures for Netflix are incredible. From its launch at the start of the millennium as a DVD subscription service to 75 million worldwide subscribers spending 10 billion hours per month watching movies, comedies, dramas, and sitcoms, the online service has come a long way. It’s believed that more than 60% of subscribers binge watch […]

Bruce Wayne set to return as the Dark Knight

When Batman first made his debut on the silver screen in 1989, he was a superhero with a decidedly human element…

The top gambling apps for your smartphone in 2016

Online gambling is such a vast and ever expanding market, and 2016 is set to see even more huge developments in the ways in which people can gamble.

Looking for a film with a happy ending? Go with sport!

While the sporting action itself can often be hit-and-miss, more often than not, the good guy succeeds and the right team lift the trophy.

Two Classic Poker Films That You May Have Never Seen

There is a pair of lesser-known poker films that flew under the radar in recent years that did an excellent job of capturing the spirit of the modern era of poker.

Find the best way to get good at online gambling!

Online gaming is continuing to gain in popularity, thanks primarily to the growing choice of platforms and the diversity that exists within the sector as a whole

Windows Emerging as a Viable Gambling Platform

For years, Apple and Android have battled it out as the dominant operating systems in the world of mobile casino play

David Bowie, “The Thin White Duke”, Dead at Age 69

David Bowie, who as a singer, arranger, songwriter, producer, actor and painter, influenced countless artists for more than four decades, died yesterday, January 10, two days after his birthday. He was 69.

And the Winners of the 2015 Awards Are…

Thank you to all of the fans who either posted their choices or emailed them in. Another great response from our great readers. For the first time we had a category with a tie.

Our Critics Pick Their Best (and Worst) Films of 2015

Now that the calendar has turned over to 2016, some of our critics decided to compile their annual “Best of/Worse of” lists of the films of 2015.

Wes Craven, A True Master of Horror, Dies at 76

Wes Craven, the creator of both the “Nightmare on Elm Street” and “Scream” film series, passed away today at his home after a battle with brain cancer. He was 76.

The 1995 Film Casino Is in the Top 25 Casino Films on IMDB

Have you ever seen the 1995 film Casino? If you haven’t, it’s definitely a must see for any film buff

Top 5 Australian Cult Movie Classics

From Mad Max to The Interview, Australia has produced some of the greatest pieces of cinematic history

SyFy Promises Quality SF, Gives Us Light Space Opera Instead

Hopefully this is not the best SyFy can do, otherwise us, in search of quality science fiction on TV, are doomed.

The Mind-Blowing Event That Was E3 2015

If you haven’t been up to date on the events, announcements and showcases that made up the Electronic Arts Expo (E3) however, don’t worry; here were the best bits of the trade fair!

The Jurassic Park Movie Bites Off Income Record!

This weekend at the box office, there were record ticket incomes from the new Jurassic Park movie called the Jurassic World. This movie stars Chris Pratt and has been renowned so far in all of its reviews for being amazing both cinematically and via graphic design and CGI.   Going the Distance With the Jurassic […]

Local SEO 101 For Law Firms

We all know that SEO is very important if you are a company with web presence. Here is a really cool 101 infographic for law firms for all you lawyers out there!

Blackberry Z10 – A Phone That Offers Bang For Your Bucks!

With a price tag of Rs. 43, 490/- the phone is certainly a great buy considering its amazing features

Leonard Nimoy, Star Trek’s Iconic Mr. Spock, Dead at Age 83

For three television seasons, animated and guest appearances and in many feature films, actor Leonard Nimoy would often address others with the phrase “Live long and prosper.” It was a philosophy Mr. Nimoy himself followed until he passed away today at the age of 83.

“Birdman” Dominates 2014 Media Mikes Awards

After two weeks of email and on-line submissions by the staff and readers of Media the winners of the 3rd Annual Media Mikes Awards have been announced.

The Nominees for the 2014 Media Mikes Awards are in!

After hundreds of on-line and email nominations from readers, the finalists for the 3rd Annual Media Mikes Awards are in.

The New Mexico Department of Transportation ENDWI Campaign: Say no to Drunk Driving

The New Mexico Department of Transportation has looked to buck this trend recently, by launching a new awareness video as part of its ENDWI Campaign.

Dewar’s True Profiles: Giving Back to those who give so Much

Dewar’s, the worlds’ most recognized and awarded Blended Scotch whisky brand, is synonymous with quality and an innate sense of class.

Lauren’s Top 5 Films to Look Forward to in 2015

Last week I listed off my top five films of 2014, it was an admittedly quiet year for me movie-wise but 2015 looks to be an embarrassment of riches…

The “Behind The Mikes” Gang Pick Their Best and Worst of 2014

After much deliberation, MovieMike (Mike S), Loaf (Jeremy) and Brett (B.C) sat down this week and came up with their top 5 (and worse 5) films of 2014

Lauren’s Top Five Films From 2014

It’s always tough being a movie buff in awards season. We sift through the weird mess of movies released between the busy summer season and Halloween and then suddenly are bombarded by all the critical darlings our eyeballs can handle in the peak holiday season

Mike’s Picks for The Best & Worst Films of 2014

With another year is coming to an end, we look back at are favorite and least favorite films from the year

Looking for that last minute holiday gift idea?!

Parents, if you are looking for that last minute gift…check out the following items

What board/card games should you be playing this holiday season?

This holiday, let’s have some good old-fashioned fun laughing, bonding, competing playing cards and boardgames!

Media Mikes’ 2014 Holiday Film Preview

This time of year not only brings jolly Saint Nick around but also a lot of what the studios deem their “prestige” films – the ones to remember come award time.

Grace Anna Highlights the 2nd Annual Salute Our Heroes Gala

Several years ago while shopping for a greeting card I stumbled over one that read something like this, “once in a while you meet someone who leaves a footprint on your heart and you are never ever the same.” I have had the privilege of this happening twice in my life; my husband 10 years […]

Celebrate National Cat Day on October 29th with Cat Paw – The Friendly Yet Feisty Toy

Cat Paws are fur sure to be the life of any party, fill an ordinary with extraordinary moments, strike up conversations with just about anyone, and bring endless joy to everyone, even your beloved four-legged family members!

NCAA March Madness VS NBA Playoffs: A Battle of the Basketballs

Check out this awesome infographic, a must for any basketball fan!

Our Own Comic Book Guy Sounds off on “Guardians of the Galaxy”

*Warning: Probably Going to Offend Some People with this One

Lauren Bacall, Star of Hollywood’s Golden Age, Dead at 89

Lauren Bacall, whose seven-decade career made her one of the greatest stars in Hollywood history, died this evening in her New York home a month shy of her 90th birthday.

Robin Williams, Oscar Winner and Beloved Actor, Dead at 63

Williams died earlier today, with the cause of death pointing toward suicide. He was 63.