Film Review “99 Homes”


“99 Homes” is the best performance I’ve ever seen from Garfield and it’s equally matched by Shannon

Film Review “Pan”


Full of amazing effects and riding a fine, over-the-top performance by Hugh Jackman, “Pan” is sure to be a hit with the 12-14 crowd

Film Review “Sleeping With Other People”

Sleeping With Other People

“Sleeping with Other People” is a sometimes raunchy comedy that occasionally tries too hard to shock

Film Review “Sicario”


“Sicario” takes hold of that trepidation in the pit of your stomach and doesn’t let go

New York Film Fest Review: The Martian


The Martian is a massively satisfying sci-fi film on every level that’s anchored by a standout performance from Matt Damon.

New York Film Fest Review: The Walk


The 3D walk is worth price of admission though the rest of the film is considerably less exciting than the Oscar-winning documentary on the same event.

Film Review “The Intern”


With a summer of dinosaurs, Minions and super heroes behind us, you might feel like you need a little laughter to start the fall. You can’t go wrong here.

Film Review “Everest”


“Everest” is an expensive and star studded TV movie, but that’s not entirely a bad thing

Film Review “Black Mass”


Fast moving and full of great performances, “Black Mass” is a welcome return to the big screen of the Johnny Depp we admired 20 years ago!

Film Review “The Visit”


“The Visit” has perfectly blended comedy and horror

Film Review “No Escape”

no escape

Brutally violent, “No Escape” keeps you on the edge of your seat

Film Review “We Are Your Friends”

We Are Your Friends

The ups and downs, like the music our main characters plays, are tolerable or repulsive, depending on your age.

Film Review “Hitman: Agent 47”

Hitman Agent 47

For being an alleged action movie, “Hitman: Agent 47” is about as entertaining as watching someone who’s watching someone play a videogame

Film Review “Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival”


A devilishly fun ride! A must for any genre fan!

Film Review “Straight Outta Compton”

Straight Outta Compton

An outstanding achievement, putting it on my short list of the year’s best films.

Film Review “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.”


A straight-forward action film that owes its look to James Bond

Film Review “Fantastic Four”


“Fantastic Four” is mercilessly thick with exposition without giving the viewer a reward for their investment into the plot

Film Review “The Gift”


Full of great scares and even greater performances

Film Review “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation”


For every moment you think “Mission: Impossible” is going to let up, it pushes harder on the throttle without giving you a moment to breathe.

Film Review “Vacation”


This summer, give your new vacation a look if you’re really looking forward to it

Film Review “Pixels”


The effects are well done, but sometimes they overwhelm the on-screen action

Film Review “Southpaw”


“Southpaw” is an enjoyable break from the explosions and CGI of the summer

Film Review “Trainwreck”

trainwreck poster

A hit and miss comedy that at times hits and at others misses badly

Film Review “Ant-Man”


“Ant-Man” is enjoyable, fun, exciting, and filled with humor

Film Review “Minions”

MINIONS color art

“Minions” is fan-service and playful entertainment, plain and simple

Film Review “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl”


“Me and Earl and the Dying Girl” beautifully blends a coming-of-age story and the tricky subject of youthful enmity.

Film Review “Terminator Genisys”


An amazing twist on an old story, “Terminator Genisys” is a film bursting with action and surprises

Film Review “Ted 2”


As funny as the first film, though a little slow towards the end, “Ted 2” is everything you were probably expecting and more.

Film Review “The Connection”


A first rate thriller, “The Connection” excels because co-writer and director Jimenez has chosen to show both main characters in their entirety

Film Review “Inside Out”


Like most PIXAR/Disney films, “Inside Out” is technically brilliant

Film Review “Jurassic World”


“Jurassic World” far exceeds expectations with a fun cast and exciting story.

Film Review “Spy”


A true comedy adventure, “Spy” is Melissa McCarthy at her best.

Film Review “Entourage”


“Entourage” is a difficult movie to love, but an easy movie to hate

Film Review “San Andreas”


Does manage to entertain when it really, really wants to, but it fades into forgotten passages of the disaster movie history books.

Film Review “Tomorrowland”


One of the drawbacks to the film is the length. Director Bird seems so intent on dazzling the audience that he seems to have lost his watch.

Film Review “American Rescue Squad”


If you don’t have a rod up your butt, you should be able to chuckle every once and a while

Film Review “Pitch Perfect 2”


Get ready folks, the Bellas are back! And they’re just as ACA-funny as they were the first time

Film Review “Mad Max: Fury Road”


“Fury Road” is a hot, violent, fever dream in the dunes of despair

Film Review “Radio America”


Written by first time director Showerman, “Radio America” is a film that tells the familiar message of doing what you want because you WANT to, not because you have too

Film Review “Hot Pursuit”


A hilarious mixture of “The Defiant Ones” and “Midnight Run”

Film Review “Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron”


“Age of Ultron” is more of everything, an often wow-inducing spectacle that leaves our heroes on intriguing and unstable grounds.

Film Review “The Water Diviner”

The Water Diviner

“The Water Diviner” is a first rate classic that’s sure to be remembered come Oscar time.

Film Review “Little Boy”


“Little Boy” has its heart in the right place, but it goes about showing it’s tenderness in the wrong way

Tribeca Film Festival Review “Misery Loves Comedy”


Star-studded but tedious documentary that lacks the depth suggested by its thesis.

Film Review “Age of Summerhood”


A cross between “Meatballs” and “Stand by Me,” “Age of Summerhood” makes great use of its outdoor locations to show kids as they are rarely portrayed on screen: as kids.

Film Review “The Walking Deceased”

The Walking Deceased

If this movie somehow winds up in your hands. Burn it.

Tribeca Film Festival Review “Man Up”

Nancy (Lake Bell) in Ben Palmer’s Man Up

A fantastically wild night out in London with Lake Bell and Simon Pegg

Tribeca Film Festival Review “The Survivalist”

Survivalist, Martin McCannPhotographer: Helen Sloan

A tense, no-nonsense post-apocalypse thriller

Film Review “Unfriended”


“Unfriended” is something that’s better for a short film format, but it’s trapped in a bloated feature length movie.

Film Review “True Story”


A film with performances much better than its material

Tribeca Film Festival Review “Slow West”


An unexpectedly quirky entry into the western genre

Film Review “20 Years of Madness”

20 Years of Madness

A truly interesting documentary about the passion for creation and the naivete of the teen-age mind.

Film Review “The Longest Ride”

The Longest Ride

“The Longest Ride” is the most painfully long romance movies I’ve seen

Film Review “Woman in Gold”


Sharply directed by Simon Curtis, the film is an intriguing mystery as, little by little, more and more information comes across the viewer’s desk

Film Review “5 to 7”


Cleverly acted by a cast that truly believes in the material

Film Review “Furious 7”


If your idea of fun is watching cars parachute out of a plane and attack like a swarm of Navy SEALS or a car driving through three skyscrapers, then “Furious 7” is going to make your pants explode

Film Review “It Follows”


It’s creepy, it’s funny, and it’ll make you talk

Film Review “Home”


“Home” is obviously setting its sights on the children in the audience, with very few inside jokes for adults

Film Review “Get Hard”


Outrageously funny, though often bordering on bad taste

Film Review “Insurgent”


“Insurgent” is as predictable as it is vapid

Film Review “The Gunman”


Heavy on the gunfire and light on believability, “The Gunman” is a nice looking yet unsatisfying film barely kept afloat by its star

Film Review “Backcountry”


A chilling but contrived woodland thriller to do for camping what Open Water did for snorkling trips

Film Review “Spring”


“Spring” is a movie that is barely – just barely – saved by its beautiful scenery

Film Review “Cinderella (2015)”


It’s a well-made, guilty pleasure for Disneyphiles and a refreshing blast from Disney’s treasured past for everyone else

Film Review “Run All Night”


“Run All Night” is another in a long line of “bad ass with a heart of gold” roles for Liam Neeson

Film Review “Unfinished Business”


“Unfinished Business” is the low point of Vince Vaughn’s career

Film Review “The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”


Cleverly written and expertly acted, “The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” is a welcome, sunny treat during these final weeks of winter

Film Review “Deli Man”


A likeable lightweight doc about a fading food institution

Film Review “Hot Tub Time Machine 2”


Ultimately the movie is choppy, but clever enough at trying to stay new

Film Review “McFarland, USA”


A “Hispanic ‘Hoosiers’”, and I mean that with all due respect, “McFarland, USA” is an uplifting film that hits the right notes

Film Review “All The Wilderness”


As a filmmaker, Johnson has an experimental way with a camera that shows promise for the future

Film Review “Still Alice”


A finely performed, well-paced film, and while it may strike some emotional chords with a female demographic, I found it to be extremely hard to relate to.

Film Review “Kingsman: The Secret Service”

ingsman The Secret Service

Firth does a good job as the proper English spy and looks like he’s having a good time. Sadly I couldn’t say the same.

Film Review “Black or White”


The script, written by director Binder, tries to say too much, and in doing so, loses some of its charm.

Film Review ” A Most Violent Year”


More intense then violent, “A Most Violent Year” is a tightly written story carried along on the shoulders of its actors

Film Review “American Sniper”


Featuring an amazing performance by Bradley Cooper, “American Sniper” is Clint Eastwood’s return as an important filmmaker

Film Review “Blackhat”


Someone might want to consider programming some better hardware into this movie before releasing it

Film Review “The Wedding Ringer”


I have not been a big supporter of Kevin Hart and expected another 90 mins of his screaming Chris Tucker impression. However, in “The Wedding Ringer,” he is quite funny and handles the role very well.

Film Review “Selma”


“Selma” would not have worked as a straight biopic, but works magnificently as a focus on grassroots activism

Film Review “Inherent Vice”


“Inherent Vice” is an off-beat masterpiece

Film Review “Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me”


Director Keach places his cameras so that you feel like you are part of the film.

Film Review “The Imitation Game”


Benedict Cumberbatch gives a performance sure to be remembered come Oscar nomination time

Film Review “Into the Woods”


The negative is that, in order to make the film “family friendly,” some of the darker elements of the show have been removed.

Film Review “Unbroken”


Masterfully directed with a script by a who’s who of Oscar nominated screenwriters, “Unbroken” is easily the most inspirational film of the year as well as one of the year’s best!

Film Review “Annie (2014)”


“Annie” is probably your best bet for family fun this holiday season

Film Review “Wild”


“Wild” is a sharp and smartly directed film

Film Review “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies”


The film’s cast is as game as ever to bring the story to life and the special effects continue to amaze

Film Review “Exodus: Gods and Kings”


A bloated, boring, 2.5 hour mess…save your money

Film Review “Top Five”


The amount of humor might lead audiences astray from whatever noble point Rock is trying to make about comedy

Film Review “The Homesman”


A well-cast, well-intentioned film that hopefully read better in its original novel form

Film Review “Horrible Bosses 2”


Consistently funny, with a few surprises

Film Review “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1”


The final piece of a series is no longer a bloated epic detailing the final time we’ll see our heroes…

Film Review “Dumb and Dumber To”


Outrageously funny most of the time, buoyed by the performances of Carrey and Daniels

Film Review “Rosewater”


May be a film that catalogues 118 days of imprisonment& torture, but through it’s rough imagery, it promotes an uplifting message.

Film Review “Interstellar”


A remarkable achievement in filmmaking that will have you on the edge of your seat

Film Review “Big Hero 6”


I enjoyed it overall but I didn’t walk away screaming “WOW!!” like I did with recent past Disney animated films like Wreck-It Ralph” & “Frozen”

Film Review “The Theory of Everything”


A fascinating biopic that’s additionally buoyed by an outstanding performance from Eddie Redmayne as Stephen Hawking.

Film Review “Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)”


“Birdman” is a movie that indie and Oscar voters are sure to remember come award season.

Film Review “Nightcrawler”


Sadistic, cruel, exhilarating, and I loved every minute of it

Film Review “John Wick”


Slick, cool and fun as hell