Film Review “That Demon Within”


Thus begins one of the best action films (and psychological thrillers) I’ve watched in a very long time

Film Review “Heaven Is For Real”


The film suffers from being overly melodramatic. So much is thrown at this family in the first half that it weighs the story down

Film Review “Under the Skin”


It’s a fascinating movie to watch because we never feel comfortable enough to relax throughout the first half and in the second half we’re constantly questioning along with this being

Film Review “Transcendence”


While most take the trope and ride into a more action driven direction, “Transcendence” seems content with letting the plot simmer until the final few moments.

Film Review “Oculus”


Simply put: it’s a great ride!

Film Review “Draft Day”


Told with humor, and with the obvious support of the NFL, “Draft Day” is just the film to see before the real draft starts on May 8.

Film Review “Cheap Thrills”


The narrative is lacking and depraved set-ups are sometimes wasted, this is still a devilishly fun watch.

Film Review “Captain America: the Winter Soldier”


A great addition to the Marvel heroes family, “Captain America: the Winter Soldier” is another testament to the powers that be at Marvel Studios that anything worth doing is worth doing well!

Film Review “Dom Hemingway”


A surprising performance from Law however it’s undercut by an episodic script that doesn’t really know what to do with all its characters…

Film Review “Noah”


“Noah” is an epic tale, with grand landscapes and fantastic visual effects (for the most part).

Film Review “Bad Words”


In a word, “Bad Words” is H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!

Film Review “Sabotage”


“Sabotage” is mild on the action, but shockingly heavy on the gore

Film Review “Muppets Most Wanted”


Lacking a lot of the eternal fun that made the Muppets stars four decades ago, “Muppets Most Wanted” is a by the book sequel which occasionally rises to funny thanks to its humorous human co-stars

Film Review “The Grand Budapest Hotel”


Filled with fully fleshed out characters, amazing dialogue and a look that is right out of the 1940s, the film travels smoothly on the shoulders of Ralph Fiennes

Film Review “Divergent”


A lot of decent ideas are set-up in the first five minutes followed by an over two hour rough tumble downhill

Film Review “Enemy”


A mismatch of ideas OR a brilliant “art house experiment.” It may take me a few years to decide which.

Film Review “Need for Speed”


Story? Dumb. Characters? Dumb. Motivations? Dumb. Stunts? Yeah…those were pretty cool, but still dumb. Dumb is the word that best describes this movie.

Film Review “Mr. Peabody & Sherman”

Mr. Peabody and Sherman (2014) movie poster

Mr. Peabody proudly announces “there’s no doubt about it…every dog should have a boy.” And every boy (and girl) should go see “Mr. Peabody & Sherman.”

Film Review “300: Rise of an Empire”


I would probably be scolded for this sentiment, but I enjoyed this one more than the first.

Film Review “Non-Stop”


Neeson is again solid as a man with faults he must overcome to save those around him.

Film Review “Son of God”


This isn’t a bad movie, but it’s not a good movie either. This movie suffers from being way too vanilla with its material.

Film Review “As the Palaces Burn”


Whether you are a fan of Lamb of God’s music or not I strongly urge you to see this film.

Film Review “Pompeii”


Maybe I’m a sociopath for going in and thinking the only interesting part of this movie would be Mother Earth smothering people in toxic volcanic ash, but I know when I walk into a movie called “Pompeii”, I would not expect any less. They barely deliver on that.

Film Review “3 Days to Kill”


An acceptable – and sometimes incredible – action film

Film Review “Endless Love”


You’re better off staying home with your loved one… Order a pizza and watch “Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown”. It’s more touching than this plane crash.

Film Review “About Last Night”


A remake in name only, “About Last Night” is a poorly directed series of Kevin Hart skits with an occasional emotional moment somehow finding its way onto the screen.

Film Review “Winter’s Tale”


“What the hell did I just see?” That was my first comment to the studio representative after I screened “Winter’s Tale.”

Film Review “RoboCop (2014)”


This reboot kept me entertained and managed to rekindle the absurdity of a RoboCop

Film Review “Grand Piano”


A fun, stylish thriller that would not be out of place in The Twilight Zone.

Film Review “The Lego Movie”


An amazing film on so many levels, the creators of “The Lego Movie” have taken a simple plaything…and turned it into a fun, action packed adventure for the whole family.

Film Review “The Monuments Men”


The first great film of 2014

Film Review “Labor Day”


“Labor Day” is a bump in the so-far smooth cinematic road of director Jason Reitman.

Film Review “That Awkward Moment”


That Awkward Moment” thinks it’s tackling relationships in a fresh way, but instead feels like a horrendously sexist retreading of every romantic movie you’ve seen before.

Film Review “Brightest Star”


If you already know that the universe is not going to deliver everything to you personally, then you are light years ahead of the main character of Maggie Kiley’s “Brightest Star”

Film Review “Philomena”


Equal parts affecting yet exhilarating, “Philomena” is that rare congress of a talented triangle of acting, writing and directing.

Film Review “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit”


The action comes non-stop and credit director/co-star Branagh with making the film interesting, both with his performance and his guidance

Film Review “Ride Along”


“Ride Along” steals all the typical cliches without injecting any ingenuity or originality into them.

Film Review “Her”


Move over, Siri…Samantha is here!

Film Review “August: Osage County”


Led by the magnificent Streep, the film takes a grounded play that ran for three and a half hours and compresses it into a two hour showcase of talent.

Film Review “Lone Survivor”


The cinematography adds such a brutal touch to the shootout and the camera is not afraid of getting a bit bloody.

Film Review “Grudge Match”


Fun to watch, with enough action to go along with the laughs

Film Review “The Wolf of Wall Street”


In my humble opinion, this is the best film of 2013

Film Review “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom”


It’s a great story of hope and the acting was fantastic.

Film Review “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013) movie poster

Behind the camera, Stiller is smart…but fails to give Walter a big enough playground even in the realm of his own visions.

Film Review “American Hustle”


A wildly fast-paced comedy that lives up to the promise of its powerhouse cast. Easily one of the best films of the year

Film Review “Saving Mr. Banks”


Told in current period time and, too often, in flashbacks, “Saving Mr. Banks” is a fine film when the subject of “Mary Poppins” is being discussed.

Film Review “Inside Llewyn Davis”

Inside Llewyn Davis

Sharply written and filmed with the Coen’s usual sharp eye for detail

Film Review “Walking with Dinosaurs 3D”


At it’s very basic minimal core, it’s a made for TV documentary on dinosaurs with grade ‘A’ graphics.

Film Review “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues”


I don’t know how to put this, but…Ron Burgandy is still kind of a big deal. And as portrayed by Will Ferrell he brings a hilarious dose of good news with him…

Film Review “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug”


I highly recommend taking in “The Desolation of Smaug” and losing yourself in the adventure.

Film Review “Out of the Furnace”


They should throw this one back into the furnace!

Film Review “Homefront”


After the film I glanced at the list and can happily say I wasn’t disappointed. If you want to see Jason Statham, a real action star, kick some real ass than this is the film for you.

Film Review “Frozen”


Every character design is flawless. The animation is breathtakingly gorgeous… I think if the guys at Pixar watch this though, they might wanna start taking notes from Disney again.

Film Review “Oldboy”


Spike Lee has taken the original, beloved Korean film and made it his own.

Film Review “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”


“Catching Fire” is a thrilling movie that increases the stakes and expectations for “Mockingjay”

Film Review “Delivery Man”


If you’re a fan of Vince Vaughn’s (count me in), you may be quite surprised at “Delivery Man.”

Film Review “Dallas Buyers Club”


A powerful film with two equally powerful performances, “Dallas Buyers Club” is a well made, adult change of pace for moviegoers this holiday season.

Film Review “Generation Iron”


Even if you haven’t been to the gym in years, make an appointment to check out “Generation Iron.”

New York Film Festival Review “Only Lovers Left Alive”


With brilliant performances from Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton, Only Lovers Left Alive is a clever, macabre character study that beneath its too-cool vampire leads lies a tremendously romantic beating heart.

Film Review “Enough Said”


“Enough Said” is a small film that deserves to be seen.

Film Review “Thor: The Dark World”

thor the dark world poster

Oddly paced and slow to start, “Thor: The Dark World” is an overall good film, yet it pales in comparison to the Marvel films that have come before it

Film Review “Diana”


Watts tries hard and manages to capture some of Diana’s charm but still her performance never comes off as more than an impersonation

Film Review “Ender’s Game”


The special effects are top notch and a lot of the military station sets have a stale beauty.

Film Review “About Time”


Brilliantly written and well directed by Curtis, “About Time” is just another jewel in his crown as the reigning romantic comedy king.

Film Review “Last Vegas”


Each character is perfectly cast. These actors are masters at the tops of their game, with over 200 years of experience between them.

Film Review “Sal”


Filmed almost exclusively in close-ups on practically bare sets, “Sal” rides almost exclusively on the muscular shoulders of Val Lauren.

Film Review “Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa”


You almost forget you’re watching a seriously “R” rated comedy, so endearing are Knoxville and Nicoll. I’d love to see these two characters on screen again.

New York Film Festival Review “12 Years a Slave”


The harrowing, unflinching true story of Solomon Northrup from director Steve McQueen is packed with great performances.

Film Review “Man of Tai Chi”


I had a blast watching this. It was fast paced and very well done with impressive martial arts.

Film Review “Carrie (2013)”


Poorly directed with no sense of pace or, for that matter, atmosphere, “Carrie” is probably one of the worse films I’ve ever seen that has “A” list talent both in front of and behind the camera.

Film Review “Escape Plan”


Director Halstrof…has crafted a simple, fun action film that should entertain fans of both leads.

Film Review “Paradise”


I would call this a one-timer, worth checking out for the cast performances but otherwise nothing too memorable here.

Film Review “Captain Phillips”


A suspenseful ride throughout. I have no doubts that Hanks, Paul Greengrass and the film itself will be recognized during award season.

Film Review “Escape from Tomorrow”


This had a cool idea and could have had potential but it falls short of delivering anything entertaining.

Film Review “Machete Kills”


If you’re looking for an in-depth, serious film I suggest you go see “Gravity.” But if you’re looking for a fun time in the dark, head to “Machete Kills.” And when it’s over get in line for “Machete Kills Again —In Space!”

Film Review “Argento’s Dracula”


Not Argento’s best work but also not his worst and for those that have seen “The Mothers of Tears”, you know what I mean.

Film Review “Gravity”


Amazingly filmed (the entire film takes place in zero gravity), “Gravity” is a technical masterpiece.

New York Film Festival Review “Exhibition”


Joanna Hogg’s fascinating portrait of an artist couple in transition.

Film Review “Don Jon”


This film is a very impressive writing and directing debut by Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Film Review “Rush”


Another jewel in the crowns of one of the finest filmmakers of the past quarter century

Film Review “My Lucky Star”


Technically the film is solid. Director Gordon keeps the story flowing smoothly and the photography, by cinematographer Armando Salas, is picture perfect.

Film Review “Prisoners”


Directed with the skill of a master, “Prisoners” is the best thriller to come down the pike in a decade.

Film Review “The Colony”


Found myself yawning until the final act, which for me never paid off

Film Review “The Family”


Well cast and sharply directed by Besson, who also co-wrote the script, “The Family” flows easily for the first half.

Film Review “Insidious: Chapter 2″


The film tries to achieve this larger scale and falls fast into working with typical boring horror cliches.

Film Review “Riddick”


With a standard “Action Film 101” script and some impressive visual effects, “Riddick” is everything you think it is.

Film Review “One Direction: This Is Us”


With “One Direction: This Is Us”, there are a limited number of positives if you’re not a screaming hormonal middle school girl.

Film Review “Getaway”


With more quick-cut editing then the entire Edgar Wright “Ice Cream Trilogy,” “Getaway” plays more like a live action video game then a film.

Film Review “Bad Milo!”


This was easily some of the most fun I have had watching a movie all year.

Film Review “The World’s End”


Wright pulls out all the stops to deliver not only another great original action-comedy, but also a heartfelt conclusion to a trio of films that asked their audiences to face up to adulthood even if that also meant facing undead or intergalactic threats along the way.

Film Review “The Spectacular Now”


Based on the novel by Tim Tharp, “The Spectacular Now” is a heartfelt look at love and life told honestly through the eyes of those experiencing it.

Film Review “Blue Jasmine”

SONY-JUOS-01_Onesheet_Layout 1

It’s off-the-wall charms turn into a strong drama with powerful performances.

Film Review “You’re Next”


“You’re Next” will have the audience jumping and yet at the same time also cheering at the screen!

Film Review “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones”


This movie is so painful to watch, they should force prisoners to watch it

Film Review “Paranoia”


Despite all its late in the film twists, “Paranoia” remains completely predictable.

Film Review “Kick-Ass 2″


Even though the film is full of the same ideas that made “Kick Ass” so entertaining, it is that sameness that dulls the sequel

Film Review “Jobs”


“Jobs” is an entertaining look inside the mind of a genius.

Film Review “Lee Daniels’ The Butler”


Every little intricate character is well cast but the centerpiece of this ensemble is Forest Whitaker, who puts up a top-notch performance.

Film Review “Ain’t Them Bodies Saints”


Beautifully presented and skillfully acted, “Ain’t Them Bodies Saints” is a small, solid drama featuring strong performances and picture post card photography.

Film Review “Fruitvale Station”


Coogler accomplishes the rare feat of letting us know what’s going to happen, but still packs a punch by the time the third act begins