CD Review: Rob Zombie “Spook Show International Live”


Recorded during the “Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor” tour Rob and his band deliver their signature show right to your living room.

CD Review “Immortal Randy Rhoads- The Ultimate Tribute”

Immortal Randy Rhoads

Produced and compiled by Grammy Award winning producer Bob Kulick the album certainly lives up to its title.

CD Review: Bumblefoot “Little Brother is Watching”


Bumblefoot takes you on a musical journey that will light up your senses.

CD Review: Motor Sister “Ride”


Though there is no new material contained on “Ride”, the new versions of songs like “Beg Barrow Steal” and “Fork in the Road” blast our your speakers.

CD Review “Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield Sing Elliot Smith”

Seth Avett Jessica Lea Mayfield Sing Elliot Smith

The recordings have a very natural and warm feel which makes this an album you can put on after a long day and just escape into the music.

CD Review: John 5 “Careful with That Axe”


You don’t have to be a guitarist to enjoy the over the top instrumentation, eerie overdubs and/or crunching heavy metal rhythms

CD Review: NOFX “Backstage Passport Soundtrack”

12 Jacket (3mm Spine)

Fans expecting a greatest hits type compilation should take note as this is certainly not the case

CD Review: Engel “Raven Kings”


“Raven Kings” is certainly no different and could easily the bands most progressive work yet.

CD Review: Black Veil Brides “Black Veil Brides”


The group has appeared to have returned to its roots as “Black Veil Brides” is a straight forward rock/metal album speckled with nods to the bands early influences.

Vinyl LP Review “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic – Princess Celestia”


if you are a die-hard “”My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic” fan you should make you way to the closest Hot Topic ASAP

CD Review: Finch “Back to Oblivion”


Though it lacks the charm and catchiness of the bands earlier releases “Back to Oblivion” still has something unique for the bands long time fans

CD Review: CJ Ramone “Last Chance to Dance”


The album consists of 12 brand new tracks by Ramone and company that will surely unchain your inner pinhead

CD Review “The Only Folk Collection You’ll Ever Need” Various Artists


30 ground breaking tracks spread over two discs which lives up to the releases name

Vinyl Review “Frozen: The Songs”


Really isn’t the highest quality LP. It is pressed on 120g and has quite of bit of noise throughout.

Vinyl Review: Trans-Siberian Orchestra “The Christmas Attic”

TSO ChristmasFRONT-Web

This is the first time that “The Christmas Attic” has ever been being made available on vinyl.

CD Review “Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved – Original Soundtrack”


Consists of the game’s orchestral themes scored by award-winning composer Inon Zur and the music team at Harmonix

CD Review: Exodus “Blood In Blood Out”


Even though I found some of the lyrical subject matter to be a bit over the top I still enjoyed the album as a whole

CD Review: Lagwagon “Hang”


Fans of 90’s punk rock darlings Lagwagon can all rejoice as the band is back with their first new album in 9 years.

CD Reviews “Walt Disney Records: The Legacy Collection”


These CDs aren’t just a collection of songs, they are an immersive experience

CD Review: Kontrust “Explositive”


Explositive just confirms that Kontrust is an artist that needs to permanently reside on my play list.

CD Review: Cannibal Corpse “A Skeletal Domain”

A Skeletal Domain

The songs are perfect amount of time, as well as the album, and it’s a feverish blood rush of blasting drums and screeching guitars.

CD Review: Psychostick “IV: Revenge of the Vegeance”


Psychostick is just doing what they do best. Taking a bunch of funny ideas and slapping them together in a chaotic, but structured order of silliness.

CD Review “Jeff Bridges & The Abiders: Live”


The album it is called “Live” and I was hoping for a live recording of a concert but instead we get here a collection of live songs instead.

Vinyl Review “Disney’s TRON: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” 180g Double Vinyl Edition


This wonderful music has never sounded better! Crack it up to 11 and enjoy the wonderful sound of “TRON” once again on vinyl!

Vinyl Review: Doyle “Abominator” 180g Double Vinyl Edition


This is how you should listen to this album as the 24 bit 45rpm mixes just blast through your speakers

CD Review: A Sound Of Thunder “The Lesser Key Of Solomon”


No question, my favorite album of the year to date!

CD Review: Shaman’s Harvest “Smokin’ Hearts & Broken Guns”

Shaman’s Harvest

From start to finish each track has the potential to become a hit

A Sound of Thunder “The Lesser Key of Solomon” Album Details Revealed


Heavy metal band A Sound of Thunder will release its fourth full-length album”The Lesser Key of Solomon” on September 9th worldwide on Mad Neptune Records.

CD Review: Ace Frehley “Space Invader”


Even though I have heard countless covers of this song Frehley’s interpretation was fresh and fun making it a great summertime song to throw on at your next cook out

CD Review: Judas Priest “Redeemer of Souls”


From start to finish the album is a perfect blend of modern and classic Priest elements

CD/DVD Review “Ministry: Last Tangle in Paris Live 2012″


The audio tracks on all three discs leap out of the speakers while the visual elements of the DVD keep your attention even after multiple viewings making “Ministry: Last Tangle in Paris Live 2012”a must have!

CD Review: Dog Fashion Disco “Sweet Nothings”


The members of Dog Fashion Disco have once again combined a collection of personal music tastes and warped ideas to create a fluid album that skips delightfully through every psychosis in the medical book

CD Review: “Weird Al” Yankovic “Mandatory Fun”


Genuine artistry is seen throughout Weird Al’s latest album and it’s amazing that he’s further planted his humorous seeds into our culture

CD Review “Snowpiercer” Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Marco Beltrami’s pulsing score excellently compliments this dystopian thriller

CD Review: Powerman 5000 “Builders of the Future”


There was not enough negatives to classify this as a “bad” album however, it is lacking quite a bit in order to be considered a “great” album.

CD Review: Sebastian Bach “Give ‘Em Hell”


Though the album showcases Sebastian’s expansive and impressive vocal range “Give ‘Em Hell” was a bit much.

CD Review: Mastodon “Once More ‘Round the Sun”


Don’t let the opening seconds of “Tread Lightly” fool you. While the acoustic guitar may lull you into a state of peace, the heavy guitar licks that Mastodon have meticulously churned out for over a decade lurk around the corner; ready to pound and enchant.

Audio Book Reviews “Graphic Audio: Marvel”


These audio books have full casts, cinematic music and sound effects. While you are listening to these you literally can visualize the comic and you feel like you are right in the middle of the action.

CD Review “Godzilla: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”


To walk in the footsteps of the giant monster Godzilla, you are going to have to wear some big shoes. Luckily, composer Alexandre Desplat does a great job of filling those big shoes and delivers one of the best scores of year

CD Review “Dconstructed”


In the 14 tracks, I love maybe 4 and the rest I can easily do with out

CD Review: Whitechapel “Our Endless War”


The newest album from Whitechapel is everything you have come to love about the band while taking it a step further.

CD Review: Saliva “Rise Up”

Rise Up

“Rise Up” marks the true revival of Saliva, presenting the band doing what they do best true, gritty, heavy rock n roll

CD Review: Jonny Two Bags “Salvation Town”

Johnny Two Bags

Though very different from the hard and fast punk music Johnny is normally associated with, “Salvation Town” does a great job showcasing a completely different side of Johnny’s musical style

CD Review: Steel Panther “All You Can Eat”


“All You Can Eat” is certainly a stepping stone for the band musically however I feel they still have yet to capture the power and appeal of their over the top live performances.

CD Review: The Pretty Reckless “Going to Hell”

Going to Hell

Throw any preconceived notions about actress/lead vocalist Taylor Momsen out the window as the latest from The Pretty Reckless is a mixture of styles ranging from full on heavy metal to pop tinged dance tracks…

CD Review: Black Label Society “Catacombs of the Black Vatican”


Wylde and his crew of hooligans are by no means reinventing the wheel with the songs found on “Catacombs of the Black Vatican” however they are revisiting their deep seated roots while expanding musically

CD Review “Ronnie James Dio- This is Your Life” Various Artists


The album includes contributions by such metal heavyweights as Metallica, Motörhead and Anthrax, as well as appearances by many of the musicians who performed with Dio over the years.

CD Review “Disney Junior: DJ Shuffle”


“DJ Shuffle” is a really fantastic collection of classic and (most importantly) NEW songs that have never been released before on an album

CD Review: “Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 – Original Game Soundtrack”


A must listen for any “Castlevania” fan

CD Review: Babymetal “Babymetal”


It’s heavy and catchy with whatever style it’s blending. It feels like you’re about to watch a violent, cheery anime.

CD Review: “Knight of Badassdom: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”


This album is dripping with amazing talent. It is also quickly becoming one of my favorite albums to listen to.

CD Review: Monty Pittman “The Power of Three”


Double bass filled breakdowns, ripping solos and crushing rhythms made this album a great listen.

CD Review: Chiodos “Devil”


Though “Devil” lacked cohesiveness and is a bit schizophrenic in its approach each song is carefully crafted to give the listener the best experience possible.

CD Review “The Zero Theorem: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”


This is already one my favorite scores of 2014.

CD Review “Sofia the First: Songs From Enchancia”


My daughter has had it on loop since we received it and I have a feeling we are going to burn it out quickly!

CD Review: Tom Keifer “The Way Life Goes”

TheWay LifeGoes

Tracks like “It’s Not Enough” and “Cold Day in Hell” do a great job setting the tone of the album as they snake back and forth with driving, upbeat instrumentation which captures and holds the listeners attention.

CD Review: Red Dragon Cartel “Red Dragon Cartel”


Though I found portions of the album sounding a bit dated there was nothing on the album that made me want to stop listening.

CD Review: Reverend Horton Heat “REV”


As the album progresses you hear everything from classic rockabilly to country and all stops in between.

CD Review: Mathew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs “Under the Covers Vol. 3″


…each track is given a fresh spin featuring bubbling pop type arrangements making the album one of those that you can throw on and kick back to while looking through your old year book

CD Review: Big Head Todd & The Monsters “Black Beehive”


Filled with classic blues based instrumentation that blends several other genres such as country, rock and folk music “Black Beehive” is a melting pot of styles and sounds which will appeal to a variety of listeners both young and old

CD Review: Against Me! “Transgender Dysphoria Blues”


Tracks like “Transgender Dysphoria Blues” and “True Trans Soul Rebel” contain the bands signature punk driven sound while the lyrics give us a glimpse inside the tumultuous thoughts of Laura Jane pre-transformation.

CD Review: Lamb of God “As the Palaces Burn: 10th Anniversary Edition”


Hardcore Lamb of God fans will certainly want to check this out merely for the bonus DVD content however if you have the original version and are content with that then I would say this new release is a necessity.

CD Review: A Day To Remember “Common Courtesy”


The latest from A Day To Remember is more than just another album. “Common Courtesy” is a testament to the DIY attitude which has been present since the early days of Rock and Roll and only further proves that you don’t need a big label to make a great sounding record.

CD Review: Stryper “No More Hell to Pay”


Dust off those bibles and stretch out that black and yellow spandex because the boys in Stryper are back with a brand new album titled “No More Hell to Pay”.

CD Review: Five Finger Death Punch “The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Vol. 2″


If you already have “The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell Vol. 1” then “The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell Vol. 2” is a no brainer.

CD Review “Thriller: A Metal Tribute to Michael Jackson”


“Thriller: A Metal Tribute to Michael Jackson” features 13 reworked versions of some of Jackson’s most memorable songs heard as they never have been heard before.

CD Review: Saxon “Unplugged and Strung Up”


Lush instrumentation and arrangements are what you will find on “Unplugged and Strung Up” the latest release from the legendary metal group Saxon

CD/DVD Review: Devin Townsend “Retinal Circus”


Jam packed with impressive visuals and sound “Retinal Circus” delivers on all levels.

CD Review “Metalocalypse: The Doomstar Requiem – A Klok Opera”


If you were already a fan of the television show or only caught the recent “Metalocalypse: The Doomstar Requiem A Klok Opera” one hour special the accompanying soundtrack is a must.

CD Review: Tech N9ne “Something Else”


A massive and brilliant collection of songs that show a maturation in the styles and messages delivered by the artist.

CD Review: Motorhead “Aftershock”


From the word go “Aftershock” hits the ground running and doesn’t stop until well after the finish line

CD Review: Emerson Lake & Palmer “Live In Montreal, 1977”


Emerson Lake & Palmer’s “Live in Montreal, 1977 is cluttered mix of crowd noise and over instrumentation

CD Review: Korn “The Paradigm Shift”


I listened to the album about 10 times over before writing this and I just wasn’t blown away. I liked it but it didn’t really stand out to me

CD Review: Alter Bridge “Fortress”


Hardcore Alter Bridge fans will certainly want to pick this release up as will any true fan of hard rock music.

CD Review: Panic! at the Disco “Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die”


“Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die” still doesn’t top the band’s 2005 album either but I feel that it comes the closest since and has been a blast to listen to.

CD Review: Satyricon “Satyricon”


A haunting piece of work that blends Black Sabbath type guitar lines, bombastic double bass beats and Nordic themed vocal lines

CD Review: Leslie West “Still Climbing”


Fans of Leslies work will certainly want to pick up “Still Climbing” as part of their collection however the album is more than just for West’s devoted fans…

CD Review: “Gravity” Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Already one of my favorite scores of the year, no question.

CD Review “Insidious: Chapter 2″ Music by Joseph Bishara


Despite whether or not you liked the film, I would still recommend this CD because it really delivers what a horror score should sound like!

Blu-ray/CD Review: Black Label Society “Unblackened”

Black Label Society

The two disc CD/one disc Blu-Ray album showcases the bands reworking of some of Black Label Society’s most iconic tracks in a way they have never been performed before.

CD Review: GWAR “Battle Maximus”


All the performances on “Battle Maximus” are well crafted and executed flawlessly.

CD Review: Hank3 “Brothers of the 4X4″


“Brothers of the 4×4” is a down home traditional country album packed full of banjo’s, acoustic guitar, slide guitar and Hank3’s signature voice

CD Review: Hank3 “A Fiendish Threat”


“A Fiendish Threat” is an interesting take on punk rock.

CD Review: Revocation “Revocation”


Probably the bands most ambitious release yet “Revocation” fires on all cylinders and delivers nothing but death metal goodness over the course of the albums 10 tracks.

CD Review: Nekrogoblikon “Power”


The band blends everything from dub beats and synth tracks to polka like rhythms mixed with brutal death metal riffs.

CD Review: Nine Inch Nails “Hesitation Marks”


“Hesitation Marks” is easily the band’s best album in the last decade, no question

CD Review: Jimmy Buffett “Songs From St. Somewhere”


This is some of his best work to date and really delivers for his fans

CD/DVD Review “Ghost Brothers of Darkland County (Deluxe Edition)”


“Ghost Brothers of Darkland County” is a mix of dialogue tracks, written by King with music by some amazing musicians including Elvis Costello, Neko Case, Sheryl Crow, Ryan Bingam, Kristofferson and Rosanne Cash.

CD Review: Newsted “Heavy Metal Music”


This definitely added to the appeal of this release being that it was being put out in such close proximity to the subsequent EP.

CD Review: Five Finger Death Punch “The Wrong Side Of Heaven And The Righteous Side Of Hell – Volume 1″


Solid from start to finish “The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell Vol. 1” delivers.

CD Review: Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals “Walk Through the Exits”


I was left extremely confused and a bit disappointed. Every song seemed to lack direction and structure leaving nothing but a chaotic mess of noise.

CD Review “The Conjuring: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”


This score is terrifying and guaranteed to make you jump! A must for any horror fan!

CD Review: Otis Redding “The Complete Stax/Volt Singles Collection”

Otis Redding

I was blow away by the overall mix of the tracks

CD Review: “Pacific Rim: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”


Easily one of my favorite scores of the year!

CD Review: Queensrÿche “Queensrÿche”


“Queensrÿche” is an amazing return to form that (gasp!) actually sounds like a Queensrÿche album

CD Review: Jimmy Eat World “Damage”


It doesn’t have the pop and energy of “Bleed American”, but it packs some good songs and certainly grows on you over time.

CD Review: Queens of the Stone Age “…Like Clockwork”


Each track is epic and very kick-ass, with each one out doing the next.

CD/DVD Review “Richard Pryor: No Pryor Restraint – Life In Concert”


Easily one of the best compilation sets ever decided to this great comedian.

CD Review “Man of Steel: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – Limited Deluxe Edition”


When I hear a score and it literally gives me chills when listening to it, that is how I know that I am in love with it.

CD Reveiw: Doyle “Abominator”


From start to finish “Abominator” is pedal to the metal energy!