Mark Hamill reflects on his role of Crow in “Sushi Girl”

Luke Skywalker in the original “Star Wars” trilogy

“Sushi Girl” Interview Series with Mark Hamill, Tony Todd, Sonny Chiba and More!

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Mark Hamill Joins “New-Gen” Comic Book & Movie Franchise as Creative Consultant

MARK HAMILL JOINS “NEW-GEN” COMIC BOOK & MOVIE FRANCHISE AS CREATIVE CONSULTANT “NEW-GEN” Names Powerhouse Production Team To Include Mace Neufeld, Kim H. Winther, David Tattersall, Jeffrey A. Okun, John H. Starke, Oliver Scholl and Christopher Young From New York Comic-Con, “NEW-GEN” Debuts Graphic Novel and Film Sneak Peek, With Book Signings and Panel Featuring […]